Coach Alexandria: the Main task for us at the moment is the Europa League

Тренер Александрии: Главное задание для нас на данный момент – Лига Европы

Mentor Alexandria Volodymyr Sharan looked forward to the confrontation with Astra in the Europa League.

Coach Alexandria Volodymyr Sharan at the press conference before the Europa League match with Astra told about how long the team was preparing for the European Cup matches.

“We are very well prepared for the match. Frankly, even a little tired of waiting for this game, because to prepare for it began at the training camp.

We have already played two matches in the championship of Ukraine, but the main task for us at the moment is the Europa League.

We watched the game Freezes. Know her strong and weak points. This is a good team with skilful players. I think tomorrow will be an interesting match. Do not want to do loud statements, but I set up my guys on a fighting game,” said Sharan at the press conference.

The match Astra – Alexandria will take place tomorrow, July 27, in the framework of the third qualifying round in the Europa League.

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