Coach Alexandria: the Most important thing that saved intrigue

Тренер Александрии: Самое важное, что сохраняется интрига

Volodymyr Sharan

Alexandria coach Volodymyr Sharan commented on the first match of 1/2 of the Cup of Ukraine with Shakhtar Donetsk

“The team has managed to surprise, showing a good game and a good result? I also surprise in every match. We showed a good game, although I failed the beginning of the match. Some players have fulfilled the game plan,“ said Sharan in an interview with TV channel Football.

“Then he made adjustments in the second half we added in terms of physics – it was noticeable. In principle, played on an equal footing with such team as Shakhtar. Although, of course, more chances, it was Shakhtar – so we expected. Well, what a draw“.

“The Game Dedechko? I’m happy with it. Denis has stood the pace was in the match. He is an experienced player, he’s just not ready physically. But today he did, so I’m happy. Not only Dedechko, but the whole team in General. There was dedication on the field, in nature, due to which we succeed. Not only this, but also due to well-organized game in defense. I would like more in attack – but, it is what it is. I’m satisfied with what there is.“

“The result, of course, pleased. The most important thing that saved intrigue. The President before the game asked us to do everything to make the fans happy“.

“I think the game failed. Was a good match, without being rude. Of course, in some points you can claim players for rough play, but in principle I installation told that we should respect each other. And I am very pleased that the miner is not respected, the optimal composition they had. That we respect – a big plus for our team.“

“Could not standards, but this is football, what can you do? The next time out“.

“After the game, the President thanked everyone. Said that the first half was played, remained the second. Where it will be held – we do not know, but we will prepare as carefully as for this fight“.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Shakhtar failed to beat Alexandria in the first match of the Cup.

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