Coach Golovkin named a new fight GGG in with Canelo

Тренер Головкина назвал возможную дату нового боя GGG с Канело

Abel Sanchez thinks Golovkin now need to rest.

The coach of the Kazakhstan boxer Gennady GGG Golovkin, Abel Sanchez, said that the third fight of his ward with Saulem Alvarez could take place in may.

“I think from a business point of view we need to look at all possible options not only for Canelo, but Golovkin. I think stylistically they are very suitable to each other like no one else.

Eric Gomez after the announcement of the decision came to me and said, “we Need to make a third fight. We need to do”. I said, “Yes, you should discuss this with Tom”.

I think that 5 may is a perfect date for this. In my opinion, there is a high probability that if this fight happens, it will be on 5 may.

I want Golovkin now rested. He’s been through some good fights, now he needs to take a break and then return to the hall at the beginning of next year, so they had a fight in may. I would not want an interim fight for Gennady in December or early 2019,” – said Sanchez

Recall that the first fight between Golovkin and Alvarez ended in a draw, but the second meeting – with the victory of the Mexican decision. After 12 rounds the judges gave the victory to Alvarez 114-114 and 115-113 twice.

Watch the full video of the fight Golovkin – Alvarez, as well as the best moments of the match.

Earlier it was reported that Alvarez had a big party after the victory over Golovkin.

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