Coach miner: I would Like to win or at least draw with man city

Тренер Шахтера: Хотели добиться победы или хотя бы ничьей с Ман Сити

Castro said that despite the defeat, Shakhtar showed a very good game.

Shakhtar coach luís Castro commented on the defeat of his team in the match against Manchester city in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League.

“We understood how difficult. We had a clear purpose — not to allow man city to develop the attack in the center. We also fast enough to run our attack through the formation of triangles, a positional attack. When the score was 0:1 the Junior had a chance to tie, but not leveled, it took a couple minutes, and city scored the second goal. After this it’s getting very difficult,” — said Castro in the postgame Studio.

“In the second half, the Junior was also the time, but failed to implement it, and the game ended with the score 0:3. We made some mistakes, especially the third goal. We were not good enough in defense to play better. Such moments don’t happen in our League. Today in game one of the honoured winner is city.

Most often, when we analyse the game, we look at the team. If we start individually to review each player, we need to do it too carefully. We can’t as a coach to say, “I thought something happened in the game.” No need to revise the second, third time to understand what exactly happened individually. Collectively, we know what happened. When we started the attack through the right flank, we have always had some difficulties to tie the game. From the other side, the British also played such great players like sterling, which is often cut off our attacks and did not allow us to attack.”

In this match, the Pitmen had to work very hard on defense that it is not necessary to do often in the championship of Ukraine.

“We were the team that was very tired in defence, and when needed to attack, the boys were tired. This game was quite the opposite, not like we used to in the championship. We have lost the balance due to the fact that it was a couple of wrong positionings.

With me or any other coach – all teams-rivals man city will be very difficult to resist them. If we look at the history of the city in recent years, they are almost always calm out of the group.”

But not only the problems of his team said the coach.

“What I liked – the fact that we tried to keep the balance. When we defended, we decided to put a line of the fourth, then five players. Moraes had to put pressure on the player with the ball. When the ball would pass to the flank, we could be displaced, and the winger would get in the midfield line, and we would not allow the city to pass between our lines. We were able to. City got their heads not how they do it with other teams – it happened primarily because of our mistakes.

In principle, in the first half we did what should have been. In the second half was a bit different, we pressed a little higher. But this high pressure is allowed to access the space between the lines, open areas, and this allowed them to attack faster, not to carry out planned attacks.

We have built in the first half two clear chances and one was a good moment. They were well played. I think, despite the defeat we showed a very good picture from our team. We disappointed the fans, because I wanted today to win or at least draw that to please them,” said the coach.

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