Coach Moustache: the son of a very high standard, which we are raised

Тренер Усика: Бриедис – очень высокая планка, которую мы сами подняли

Sergey Vatamanyuk

Sergey vatamanyuk praised rival Alexander Usik in the semi-WBSS – Mairis Briedis.

The coach of the world champion in heavy weight under version WBO Alexander Usik Sergey vatamanyuk called rival of his ward, the WBC champion-Mairis Briedis the strongest opponent for Ukrainians.

“We understand that the fight against Briedis is a very big fight and a high standard that we ourselves have raised. It really is, to date, the strongest rival for Sasha.

In the modern Boxing unification fights not so much, because each holding on to his belt, but the boxers kept their promoters and managers. Therefore, it is a rarity.

In this case, we had the opportunity to participate in the tournament, and already in the semi-finals we can unify the belts. This is very important, interesting and prestigious. It’s a new challenge for our team,” said vatamanyuk at a press conference.

Previously the coach Mairis Briedis assessed statistics Alexander Usik.

Watch the video battle of the looks, the Mustache – athletes, as well as highlights of the final press conference.

Fight the Tendril – the first will take place on 27 January in Riga. On our website will be available a text online broadcast of the fight, which will start at 23:00 Kyiv time.

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