Coal for Ukraine. Energy revolution trump

Уголь для Украины. Энергетическая революция Трампа

Donald trump announced the “Golden era” in U.S. energy policy

The American President is going to achieve energy dominance in the world, displacing, including Russia to the markets of Europe.

American President Donald trump last week said that Ukraine asked the US coal “right now” and has announced its willingness to sell the Kiev “millions of tons”.

The possibility of supply of hydrocarbons from the United States, President Petro Poroshenko has discussed with U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence.

As said Poroshenko in an interview with Fox News, talking “about getting coal from Pennsylvania was on the Ukrainian thermal power plants, and liquefied natural gas from Louisiana – in the Ukrainian gas transportation system.”

Trump also said that he was going to achieve power of American domination to yrket “power” of the United States.

Корреспондент.net figured out how trump will open “Golden era” in energy policy and and here Ukraine.

American dominance

Donald trump, speaking at the Ministry of energy on June 29, said that the United States will sell energy around the world and thereby strengthen “the power of the United States” on a global scale.

Liquefied gas will be exported to Asian and European markets, and coal in Ukraine, and restrictions on foreign lending to coal projects will be removed.

“The power shortage is a myth, America can be first in the world in production of oil and gas,” said trump, referring to the shale revolution and accompanying technological progress in the methods of intensification of oil and gas wells.

Earlier, the trump led the United States out of the Paris climate agreement and quashed the decision of Barack Obama, limiting the production of coal and gas, to be able to forcefully expand their export abroad.

Lifted the ban on the laying of the pipeline, pumping oil and petroleum products from Canada to Mexico via the USA.

Also revoked Executive orders Obama banning oil and gas exploration and production offshore in the Atlantic ocean and in the Arctic.

Almost immediately after the inauguration of the trump otmenil tighter regulation of coal mines and coal-fired power plants in the country. In the end, mines destined for closure, not closed.

In addition, the United States will cease to hamper lending to the world Bank, the construction of modern coal plants abroad, to increase exports of American coal.

At a recent meeting trump in Washington with the leaders of India and South Korea actively discussed the prospects of exporting American liquefied natural gas.

Next week the American President will travel to Warsaw to discuss energy supplies with a dozen countries in Eastern and Central Europe.

Уголь для Украины. Энергетическая революция Трампа


“This is good news for Europe and Asia, bad for Vladimir Putin, who does not hesitate to use Europe’s dependence on Russian gas as a geopolitical bargaining chip. The European Union depends on Russia as it receives from it 30% of the consumed gas. Germany led the parade dependencies: Russia supplies 40% of its needs,” wrote the Times recently.

According to the newspaper, trump is preparing to make a triumphant March on the way to the summit of the Big twenty. It will stop in Poland to celebrate the first delivery of LNG to the us in the Netherlands, which are still almost entirely dependent on Russia.

“CNG has created a new “big game”, and the us has enormous reserves of natural gas give Trump a weapon that allows to neutralize the previously formed advantage of Russia”, – concludes the author.

The U.S. share of electricity generated at nuclear power plants, is about 20 percent of the total produced in the country of electricity. Trump convened a consultation of experts tasked to revive nuclear power in America.


Millions of tons of coal to Ukraine

Among the countries to which the US plans to ramp up coal exports, is Ukraine. American coal should help the country “get off” with Russian gas and to compensate for the loss of coal mines in the Donbas.

“I don’t know what else is as much to strengthen the credibility of the Ukrainians,” – said the Minister of energy Rick Perry.

In mid-March, Kiev completely stopped in the freight traffic with the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics. Thus was closed including the official channel of coal supplies from Donbass.

The government was forced to impose a state of emergency in the electricity market.

The energy Ministry earlier reported that for the first five months of 2017, 70 percent of the imported into Ukraine coal came from Russia. All were shipped 996,8 thousand tons, of which 777,5 thousand Russian.

It is known that the anthracite coal from the Donbass intermediary firms are trying to bring the Ukrainian thermal power plants under the Russian through the Russian-Ukrainian border. But in the Donetsk coal compared with the analogue from Kuzbass higher sulphur content, so if you want to distinguish them easily.

Уголь для Украины. Энергетическая революция Трампа

Coal mine on the Dobass / EPA

Minister of energy Igor Nasalik turned to fiscal service and energy the customs office with a request to confiscate the coal, imported from the Donbas.

In early March Nasalik proposed legislation to ban the import of coal from Russia, as it is, in his words, “the same Donbass coal”, which is enriched in Russia and sold to Ukraine for twice the price.

Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly raised the question of alternative procurement of energy. In April, the company bought 600 thousand tons of anthracite to South Africa with the possibility of extending the procurement of up to one million tons.

The first vessel with anthracite from South Africa arrived in the port of South may 25. On 7 June it became known that in Africa loaded 75 thousand tons of anthracite for the second ship to Ukraine.