Coal stocks at thermal power plants is almost twice less than last year

Запасы угля на ТЭС почти вдвое меньше прошлогодних

Coal reserves in warehouses TPP on July 23, make 1 million 353.9 thousand tons

Stocks of anthracite coal on today almost 54% less than last year, gas group – 31%.

Coal stocks in warehouses of thermal power plants of energy generating companies (GK TPP) of Ukraine as of July 23 make 1 million 353.9 thousand tons, which is almost 40% less than on 24 July 2017 (2 million 205,1 thousand tons). This is evidenced by data the Ministry of energy and coal industry on the Agency’s website.

According to preliminary estimates, the reserves of coal of the anthracite group today are 335,4 thousand tons, which is 53.8% less than last year (726,1 thousand tons), gas group – 1 million to 18.5 thousand tons, which is 31,1% less inventory on 24 July 2017 (1 478,9 million tons).

At the same time, coal stocks in warehouses of thermal power plants (CHP) of Ukraine are 380,3 thousand tons, which is 55.4% more than last year (244,7 thousand tons).

As you know, TPP and CHPP of Ukraine in 2017, has reduced coal consumption by 20.8% (6 527,3 million tons) compared to year 2016 – up to 24 million 811,3 thousand tons.

TPP and CHPP in January-may 2018 increased coal consumption by 22.4% (2 million of 48.1 thousand tonnes) compared to the same period of 2017 to 11 million of 208.3 thousand tons.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine for six months has reduced coal production by more than 10%.

Before it became known that Ukraine in January-June 2018 increased imports of coal and anthracite by 40.7% compared to the same period of 2017.

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