Cold increases risk of natural death – scientists

Холод повышает риск естественной смерти – ученые

Experts analyzed data from more than 1.8 million deaths and bond of deaths with the cold.

In China, researchers analyzed the influence of low temperatures on the human body. Experts came to the conclusion that low temperatures increase the risk of premature death. It is reported by the China Daily.

The specialists of the Chinese center for control and prevention analyzed data from more than 1.8 million cases of natural death. It turned out that the cold is one of the main natural factors that lead to death.

Cold have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system and the autonomic nervous system. Low temperature affects blood pressure and inflammation. Hypothermia weakens the immune system, and increases the risk of getting sick for two weeks after freezing.

The most vulnerable to the cold are children, women and older people.
The scientists also learned that the most favorable temperature for humans is 22.8 degrees.

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