Colleagues of dertermine of the 93rd Hombre: He was greedy and missed the funeral of his mother due to embezzlement on the road

Сослуживцы дерезертира из 93-й ОМБр: Он был жадным и пропустил похороны своей матери из-за растрат на дорогу

Oleg Popov

The soldiers of the 93rd Ombre talked about the Sergeant from Odessa Oleg Popov, who killed their commander Oleg Lysenko and fled to “LPR”. Video posted on the channel 93rd Ombre.

In particular, men say that the priests were greedy. According to the commander of the 4th mechanized company of captain Vitaly Popovich, the little deserter who spoke and did not differ generosity. One of the reasons why he did not go to his mother, was waste on the road.

Platoon commander, Junior Sergeant Roman Marchuk added that after the demobilization of the military after he collected their blankets, Packed in a bag and sent someplace. Popov also posobirat all the old stuff: sleeping bags, jackets, pants and even handles from the drawers.

“According to him, he spent 20 years trying to get into the army, and when he came – he complained that it’s a mess. He came here through OUN. To take all and Sundry. Differently he wouldn’t be – was unfit for military service. He is a volunteer wanted to go, he had to go through the “dobrobiti”. Over time it got here,” said Marchuk.

He tried to transfer to another team 25, wanted to be a paratrooper, but he failed.

Once Popov’s colleagues asked him where he got so much money (shortly before the crime, he twice took 7 thousand from the ATM).

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The day of the murder team had to get things – warm sweaters. Lysenko refused to go for the parcel, the priests also wanted to stay with him. When the men returned, the post was empty and Lysenko was already dead.

As previously reported, on December 1 Ukrainian serviceman has committed a serious crime and went to the side of the militants, hoping to avoid punishment.