Coming “Black Friday” sales – 24.11

Грядет «Черная пятница» распродаж – 24.11

In the new year season is a time of enormous promotions, discounts and sales. Start mass sales falls at the end of November. These days everyone is rushing to purchase gifts New year to family and friends, and to indulge in pleasant shopping. After all, spending money on gifts for loved ones is a tremendous pleasure.

Start mass sales falls at the end of November. These days everyone is rushing to purchase gifts New year to family and friends, and to indulge in pleasant shopping. After all, spending money on gifts for loved ones is a tremendous pleasure.

The most famous sale in the world

November 24 will be the biggest sale in the world – Black Friday. On this day thousands of stores around the world cut prices by 70%, and 90%. For promotional items unfold the real battles. Black Friday is held every year on the day after thanksgiving. This year it falls on 24.11.

Грядет «Черная пятница» распродаж – 24.11



Consumers in this period attracts a wide range of products and fantastically low prices. Most is in the Internet, where, moreover, it is possible to have up to 40% of the purchase price, if you make all purchases through cashback service.

This is particularly interesting because in addition to conventional stores in past years for this event and join thousands of online stores worldwide. When buying via the cashback service 24.11 literate, in addition to receiving huge discounts can additionally back at the expense of some of the money spent.

Currently, almost 90% of purchases through all cashback domestic services accounts for the purchase of Chinese online retailer AliExpress. One of the highest percentages of kesbeke on AliExpressу, keshbek service megabonus’s – to 4.91%.

Almost two years this cashback service only worked with AliExpress, therefore, in addition to generous payments to the users has advanced tools for safe shopping, check the seller, tracking, the best referral program and a loyalty program.

However, in addition to the sale involved many more shops. In particular, when you shop through the cashback service megabonus’s action is supported by more than 30 stores. Full list can always be found at the website megabonus’s.

How it all began – bet on black!

The tradition of this pre-Christmas sale dates neither more nor less, and by 1952. Although the term “Black Friday” appeared a decade later. One of the versions of the appearance of the term says that Friday after thanksgiving was named black because of the increased number of vehicles and pedestrians on the roads that day. The second is due to the fact that from this day on, shops began to obtain higher profits, moving from debt (in the red) to profits (in the black).

Грядет «Черная пятница» распродаж – 24.11



Black November sale NONSTOP

This year Black Friday falls on November 24. But this does not mean that the sale will only be on this day. In recent years, sale Black Friday can take several days. There was even such a thing as Black November – BlackNovember, as this is the month for the most generous discounts and bulk purchases. During the Christmas and new year sales of foreign retailers to engage in the sale of so-called doorbusters – goods at as low prices that buyers are willing to demolish the door to the store to get them.

The number of customers making purchases through cashback services is increasing dramatically. Thus, the number of buyers megabonus’s on Black Friday increases by 50%. The increased activity of buyers is maintained until the end of December.

From Black Friday to cyber Monday

Black Friday often lasts until the Monday following Black Friday. He was named cyber Monday (CyberMonday). Originally, this day was meant to be online purchases, as opposed to shopping at offline stores. But with time and the growing proportion of online purchases in General this face has worn off. Now cyber Monday more on online sales very different techniques. It is not difficult to calculate that Cyber Monday this year will be held on November 27.

Is it profitable to buy on Black Friday?

Definitely, Yes. This is confirmed as miles of queues, the hustle and excitement in retail stores, and repeatedly increasing the number of orders in the online stores. Many “advanced” customers manage in this day to buy items at even lower price than it is stated on the price tag.

One of the ways to save money is to invite friends to keshbek service megabonus’s. Referral program Refer-a-friend offers with a generous percentage of kesbeke for the purchase of friends – up to 50% of the amount of their kesbeke. Friends will also get cashback in full size.

Overall, shopping with cashback – it is quite beneficial. In particular, users of cashback service megabonus’s save an average of $ 400 per year. And the most active – to 10 thousand dollars.

How to buy on sale cheaper than other

For this you need to participate in the prize draws, credit cards, discounts and coupons from the shops. So, in 2016, AliExpress.have carascal the first 100 buyers pay the order, coupons to continue shopping. Traditionally, prize draws, coupons and gift cards start about a week before the sale.

When shopping in online shops is to use cashback services. The most popular and reliable cashback services in 2017 – megabonus’s, ePN, LetyShops, Kopikot. Megabonus’s allows you to return up to 40% of the cost of purchases to the account, depending on the terms of the store. The money can then withdraw e-wallet, mobile phone, Paypal or Bank card.

And, of course, do not be late to the beginning of the sales, both online and offline, because the number of promotional products melts with the cosmic speed.

What not to miss on Black Friday 2017?

The sale of European online retailers Amazonи eBay. In 2016, the average discount on Black Friday Amazonв was 40-41%.

Грядет «Черная пятница» распродаж – 24.11



The sale of cheap goods and accessories on AliExpress. Sale starts on November 24th, but to add items to the basket on any day, as the number of promotional products may be limited. This will help to quickly make a purchase, when sale will begin. Before adding items to the cart, however, is to ensure that the user has already installed the extension from the cashback service megabonus’s. Because if you first add products to the cart, and then to install the extension, cashback will not be charged. Don’t forget that megabonus’s help to get back even to 4.91% of the purchase price!

Well, of course, to make maximum use of discounts in Internet stores. Traditionally, the list of participating stores Lamoda, M. Video, Beeline and many others. Domestic online retailers promise generous discounts up to 90%. Full list can always be found at the website megabonus’s.