Commander of NATO forces in Europe asks for troops to strengthen due to Russia’s aggression

Главком сил НАТО в Европе просит усилить войска из-за агрессии России

NATO’s top commander in Europe Curtis Scaparotti stated that he needs more troops and high-tech surveillance tools for “confrontation increasingly belligerent Russia.” About it reports The Washington Examiner.

According to him, at that time, as the US military “are the best in the world and is now able to contain Russia”, they need to build a more capable army to “confront the growing military power of Russia”.

Scaperotti, said that currently the United States have in Europe, more than 60 thousand military troops of all kinds. According to him, it provides US “a power that deterrence today”.

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“We need big power, I think that maybe the army is the armored division, for example,” he said.

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Earlier, Scaparotti called for providing Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons.

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