Commercial property management: a new level

Управление коммерческой недвижимостью: новый уровень

November 12, 2018 start of School “commercial property management”, which is an effective mix of basic business education from a leading School and practical knowledge of the real market experts.

The initiator of the project “school of management of commercial real estate” was the business Association Ukrainian club of real estate.” The academic partner was Ukraine’s first business school MIM-Kyiv.

“We are delighted to be involved in this interesting new direction and contribute to the learning process. The business school took the curriculum development and organization of the basic content of the course,” says the team at MIM – Kyiv. Ideological inspirers of the School were representatives of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian club of real estate Vadim fidgets and Alexei Chernyshov

“To implement the project of education for professionals in real estate without market support it would be simply impossible: we have received requests from prospective students, and those looking for quality frames. Support of the Supervisory Board of the Club allowed us to make the most affordable cost and start the project already this year,” says the School managing partner of URE Club, Olga Solovey.

Mentor Schools have become leading experts of the sphere of development, who will share their invaluable experience, knowledge and skills:

  • Vladislav Kisil – mentor of the legal unit
  • Natalia Dmitrenko – mentor block on marketing, communications and PR
  • Happy Julia and Evgenia Loktionova – mentors mentors brokerage
  • Dmitry Grinberg – mentor block on exploitation and innovation
  • Catherine Spring – mentor block on the market and Analytics
  • Elena Anointed mentor of unit real estate Economics
  • Anna koriagina – mentor block on the market and the development of systems of certification of buildings

School “commercial property management” – an innovative project, whose mission will be a qualitative improvement of the standard management of commercial projects.