Committees: In Europe, a crisis of leadership

Комитет ВР: В Европе определенный кризис лидерства

Now the EU is not experiencing a state of recovery, which was in 2008

Ukraine has managed to save the text of the Association Agreement, which has not been modified.

The situation with the Netherlands about ratification of the Agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU showed that the EU has a lot of internal problems. This was stated by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on foreign Affairs Anna hopko, the TV channel ZIK.

“But on the other hand under such difficult issues, they (EU – ed.) is able to reach a concrete compromise and offer a solution… In Europe there is a crisis of leadership, when politicians are afraid to go against the mainstream, to do some steps that may be unpopular, but which protect the values of the EU,” said hopko.

She stressed that Ukraine managed to save the text of the Association Agreement, which was not changed, but the Netherlands have become hostages of the referendum and the upcoming parliamentary elections in early March 2017.

“Now the EU is not experiencing a state of recovery, which was in 2008, he now goes to a different quality after Brexit, referendum in Italy, etc… in 2017 it will be increased turbulence, the EU will survive the change of political elites in key donor countries – Germany, France, the potential of the parliamentary elections in Italy, etc. So we need to accelerate the pace of internal reforms, reforms,” said hopko.

The MP also hoped that bezviz with Ukraine will earn in 2017. “Let no specific dates, let’s say 2017 will be the year of implementation of our victory… Visa – free regime is not only when they are holders of biometric passports can stay in the EU 90-180 days without a visa. Visa-free regime for the country is a signal to business elites of the EU member States: in this country there have been a number of changes. That is, their investment here will be protected,” added the CSAC.

Recall, 15 December the European Parliament postponed the question bezveza on 3 April 2017. After the European Parliament said that the postponement of the consideration bezveza is not mandatory.

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