Company from supplying materials for the Crimean bridge.

Компания из Украины поставляла материалы для Крымского моста − СБУ

Company from Ukraine have added distribution of products in Russia

The management of the Ukrainian enterprises organized 25 supply of crushed stone in Russia to a total weight of 28 tons.

The security service of Ukraine exposed the facts of illegal deliveries to Russia of crushed stone for the construction of the Kerch bridge. On Thursday, October 4, reported the press service of the Ministry.

According to the SBU, the leadership of one of Ukrainian enterprises, which carries out the extraction of gravel, has established its delivery to the Russian side.

It is noted that the extraction was carried out without the necessary permits in quarries, owned by the citizen of the Russian Federation. Implementation of the gravel, in particular, was conducted through intermediaries of the Russian company which is a subsidiary of JSC Mostozhelezobetonkonstruktsiya.

The SBU established that the enterprise in the procurement of products of Ukrainian suppliers performed work on the construction of the Kerch bridge. Just Russia was committed 25 supply of crushed stone with a total weight of 28 tons.

The consequence sees in actions of the Ukrainian company signs of support of the Russian administration in the annexed Crimea. On this fact initiated criminal proceedings.

Law enforcement authorities raided the offices of the administration of quarries and for the actual place of residence of the Director of the Ukrainian enterprise. However, as stated in the SBU, were seized documents confirming the financial and economic operations with Russian structures operating in the annexed Crimea.

Recall, October 3, in the city Gnivan Vinnitsa region unknown persons broke into the office of the mayor Vladimir Kuleshov and poured his blood.

Activists have accused the mayor that, with his patronage of the local quarry delivered raw materials to the construction of the Kerch bridge.

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