Company in the U.S. implanting employees with microchips

Компания в США вживит своим сотрудникам микрочипы

A microchip will allow you to open doors, log into a computer and even to buy food

The staff at Three Square Market will be a “walking credit card”.

Firm Three Square Market became the first company in the US, which announced plans in the near future to implant all of its employees in the arm microchip.

The company offers to implant a tiny microchip radio frequency identification (RFID) for free and assures that soon all companies will follow its example.

Chip the size of a grain of rice costs about $ 300 and will allow employees a simple touch to open doors, log into a computer and even to buy food.

To date, 50 employees have already expressed a desire to become half-human, half – walking credit cards.

Patrick Macmullan of Three Square Market does not consider the idea of a dystopian nightmare, but on the contrary, I am sure that soon everyone will want to own microchip.

“The international market is wide open, and we believe that it is the first one to seize this platform will determine the trajectory of the market in the future,” says Macmullan.

The company, which provides services “mikrorynki” self (it looks like a new alternative to vending machines for different products) for businesses around the world have adopted the idea of microchipping has already been implemented in Sweden, where the so-called “biohacker” implanted a tiny device volunteers at least three years.

Three Square Market is cooperating with the Swedish company BioHax on the introduction of this new technology, which, as they believe, in the near future become a quite ordinary method of payment and the identity of the owners. Only instead of a credit card or phone will be a microchip between his thumb and forefinger.