Concord bank has launched a cashback AliExpress 15%

Concord bank запустил кэшбек с AliExpress 15%

The campaign will last only two months 01.12.2018 for 31.01.2019. Card with cashback, you can order one now

AliExpress is one of the largest marketplaces in the world where monthly 4 million Ukrainians buy the cheapest electronic equipment, clothes, dishes and gifts. And on new year’s eve, everyone can return 15% on each purchase, paying with a card Golden Dream from Concord bank

Concord bank запустил кэшбек с AliExpress 15%



How does it work?

1. You order the Golden dream card with a credit limit up to UAH 100 000 the link;

2. In the period from 01.12.2018 for 31.01.2019 G. pay it any purchase on aliexpress website or in stores children’s clothing or toys of Ukraine;

3. At the end of the month on your card Golden dream has 15% cashback from all your shopping on AliExpress or 7% on purchases from the shops of children’s clothes and toys.

4. Maximum cashback amount per card is 1000 UAH per month

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