Conflict Fonseca, Srna and Stepanenko

Taras Stepanenko and Paulo Fonseca

After a victorious for Shakhtar match round of the playoffs of the Europa League over Basaksehir Istanbul (2:0), a group of Miners had a serious conflict.

It seems that not all the players of Shakhtar, with due respect for the new head coach Paulo Fonseca. After the match, the coach of the Miners went to one of the team leaders of the Ukrainian Taras Stepanenko. Mourinho made the remark to midfielder about his actions at the end of the match and then Stepanenko literally “as the chain broke down” and started to “snap” to the side of the coach. Fonseca did not tolerate this attitude and in silence went to podtribunnogo room.

After that, Shakhtar defender Darijo Srna on the rights of the captain of the team also made a remark to the Ukrainian, however, this time regarding the style selected Stepanenko in communication with the head coach of the team. The Ukrainian midfielder could not control myself, went foul language, finally, Stepanenko and even tried to get close to Srna, it is likely that if not standing between them Maxim Malyshev, the case would have ended in a fight.

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