Conflict under the Nikolaev: on the road poured tens of tons of grain

Конфликт под Николаевым: на дорогу высыпали десятки тонн зерна

The farmer poured the grain onto the road

Farmer accused that his truck broke dimensions and weight norms. The businessman said that his grain was trying to take possession of strangers.

On the road in the Nikolaev area on Thursday, August 2, there was a conflict between the local farmer, who in two trucks transporting grain and workers Ukrtranslizing. During the conflict, the farmer lowered the Board, and the grain spilled on the road, according to news-N.

The owner of the car the farmer Tarabrin, told reporters that about 9 o’clock in the morning he called the drivers of the two cars he owned, which was carrying grain, and reported that near the village Voskresenskoe stopped them Ukrtranslizing and does not allow to go further.

The farmer went to the scene. According to him, the TSA employees told him that cars improperly executed documents on the cargo. Then, according to Tarabrina, there were some people who stated that their grain.

In this situation, the farmer decided to lower the Board, and pour the freight on the road – for fear that the grain may take possession of an unknown person.

In turn, head of the regional branch of TSA Alexander Grinyuk told that the car was stopped for documents check and weight control. According to him, the documents for the cargo were not. Consignment notes brought after some time the owner of the car Tarabrin.

Then the drivers were allegedly asked to take the weight control, then the owner of the car, opened the side and dumped the load onto the shoulder.

The head of the Nikolaev organization of Autoeurosale Alexander Dyachenko, the activists who took part in the conflict on the side Ukrtranslizing also agreed to comment on the incident. According to him, the drivers refused to place gabaritno-weight control, the activists in this situation, according to Dyachenko, only observe the actions of both one and the other.

It is noted that the weight of the complex on the route of the cars there.

Representatives of the TSA called the police and then the special unit Cord.

Currently both sides are on opposite sides of the road and “gathering forces”. The farmer drove about 30 people, his friends, acquaintances and truck drivers.

On the opposite side are more than 10 police officers, including special forces Cord, about a dozen activists of Autoeurosale, head of the regional roads Andrei Maksimenko, head of the regional Department Ukrtranslizing Alexander Grinyuk.

Farmer Tarabrin brought about a dozen workers who are trying to load the grain back into the car.



As reported last year in the Donetsk region of large carriers fined for damaging roads.

Recall, the Cabinet has sacked the head of Ukrtransagent. In respect of the ex-head Mikhail Nonaka investigated.


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