“Construction of the century”. Putin will open a bridge from Russia to Crimea

"Стройка века". Путин откроет мост из РФ в Крым

Russian President starts the movement on the Crimean bridge, which was built in 2016. One of the first who will pass through the facility will be close to the Kremlin bikers from the Night wolves.

Crimean bridge, formerly known as Kerch, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin will open may 15 at a ceremony.

First on the new bridge with specialized hardware will pass its builders. And already on 16 may at 05.30 in the morning across the Kerch Strait will be able to pass anyone.


The bridge, which was invented by Putin

The official decision to build a bridge to annexed Crimea was adopted in September 2014, six months after the annexation. The construction started in 2016.

On the bridge are four-lane highway and double track railway line. The throughput of the highway will be 40 thousand cars a day, the railroad will include a two-way with a capacity of 47 pairs of trains per day.

The total length of the bridge, which the Russians called the Crimean, is 19 kilometers – the longest Russian bridge. The construction will connect Kerch and the Taman Peninsula across the island of Tuzla and Tuzlanskog braid. 11.5 kilometer run through the land, in particular, the island of Taman, and 7.5 kilometres above the sea.

Putin at a press conference in Moscow on December 23 said that the commissioning of the bridge across the Kerch Strait will promote the development of Russian-Ukrainian relations in the future.

“I am sure and hope that will normalize the relations with Ukraine, and the bridge will be useful for the development of Russian-Ukrainian relations in the future. This is a very vostrebovany infrastructural element,” – said Putin.

He also said that he, predomi to build a bridge from Russia to the annexed Peninsula. In Russia, the Crimean bridge is often called “construction of the century”.

Initially, Russia had proceeded with plans of putting the motorway bridge into operation in 2019. However, shortly after re-election, Putin gave instructions to open the bridge in may of this year.

Infrastructure projects of the Russian Federation, isolating Ukraine

Media reported that the Kerch bridge will open on may 9, when Russia celebrates the victory Day. However, the plans shifted, may 9 SGM contractor and the building contractor the Agency just announced the completion of construction. Planned completion date of the railway bridge – December 2019.

The Western press notes that Putin’s prestige is directly associated with this project. Every significant speech referred to the Crimean bridge, before the presidential election, Putin was personally convinced in the progress of construction.

"Стройка века". Путин откроет мост из РФ в Крым

Putin inspects the construction of the bridge

All work is carried out by the group stroygazmontazh Arkady Rotenberg. Billionaire belongs to the circle of the closest confidants of Putin. In his youth he was Putin’s judo partner, is now engaged in the largest public construction orders.

The total cost of the Kerch bridge will be 228,3 billion rubles (about four billion). Previously, experts estimated that Russia spends on Crimea not less than $ 2.3 billion a year. The losses of Russia due to the annexation of the Peninsula range from ten to 50 billion dollars per year.

The idea of the construction of the bridge occurred in the 19th century, when the British to link great Britain with India in 1870 laid a Telegraph cable between Taman and Kerch and thinking about building a direct rail link to its colonies.

Later this idea back Nicholas II, but his plans broke the First world war. During the Second world war, the Germans built a cable car for goods, and then began to build a bridge at the spit the Pig, but don’t have time to finish.

In 2010, the then presidents of Russia and Ukraine Dmitry Medvedev and Victor Yanukovych have signed a Memorandum on construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait. It was planned that it will be built for the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014.


The main problems of the bridge

From the first days of the construction of the much talked about the fact that Russia will not be able to build the cost across the Kerch Strait.

Senior researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Medovar said it was impossible because of the complex Geology.

“A very complex Geology. There mud volcanism, there are six aquifers, and plus, there’s the karst. There’s nothing can not be beat: it’s the sea, plus 80 meters of sediment. You know that there sank the boat, the crane floating? Can not find it, because there are huge sediment… on top of everything else – there are two rivers flow: the don and the Kuban. And the desalinization of sea water, that is, there is freezing of the waters – storm situation,” – said the scientist.

The British newspaper Financial Times calls into question the economic viability of a bridge from Russia to Crimea.

"Стройка века". Путин откроет мост из РФ в Крым



It is expected that this bridge will be moved annually, 13 million tons of cargo and 14 million people – about as many tourists, many arrived in the Crimea on the ferry last year, plus all the residents including children.

In the opinion of the staff of the American analytical Center for strategic and international studies, the main goal of the construction of a bridge consist of moving public funds into the hands of selected individuals and to demonstrate the power of Russia.

Russia in 2014 is under European and us sanctions. The company building the Crimean bridge also came under them, as their owner Rotenberg.

European and American companies are not allowed to take part in this construction. In 2018, it became known that the public Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation on violation of a family of Dutch companies to the sanctions regime of the EU towards Russia.

These companies in the years 2015-2017 supplied the heavy equipment that was used in the construction of Crimean bridge, ensures its maintenance and repair. The prosecutors stated that the construction of the bridge before the courts of the European Union as undermining the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Recently became aware of the security issues. The structure of the Ministry of transport of Russia, which is engaged in transport safety of the bridge, broke the timing: she had to conduct surveys, design and equipment of engineering systems for transport security of the bridge, but by April 2018 has not even begun work on the road part.

"Стройка века". Путин откроет мост из РФ в Крым



3 may it became known that the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has postponed the deadline for completion of all work to ensure transport security of the Crimean bridge (and highway, and railway parts) on December 1, 2019.

While truck traffic on the Crimean bridge is not available yet, as still not ready interchanges on the approaches to the bridge in the part abutting regional roads.

Russian media also reported that the construction of the approaches to the bridge have almost 80 billion roubles, and the railroad is still 100 billion.


Ukrainian losses and threats

Ukraine has repeatedly expressed its dissatisfaction with the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait, because it will lead to a reduction in the number of cruise ship arrivals in ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk.

The highest point on the roadbed of the bridge is 35 meters above the water, and this means that a third cargo vessels of the Ukrainian Navy will not be able to pass through the Bay. It is a heavy blow to the economy of Ukraine.

"Стройка века". Путин откроет мост из РФ в Крым

Russia has restricted passage of ships to the mainland Ukraine

“Moscow has limited the size of ships that can pass through the Kerch bridge, looking to the sea of Azov in an attempt to limit the movement of the Ukrainian commercial goods. The bridge will cut off Ukraine opportunities for trade,” writes FT.

As told in the Ministry of Infrastructure, the commissioning of the bridge will reduce the turnover of the ports, inhibition of their development, reduction of profitability of metallurgical enterprises of the region, reducing profits for port operators and branches of the Administration of seaports of Ukraine.

In April this year the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian said that Ukraine is losing tens of millions of hryvnias due to the construction of Russia’s Kerch bridge. He said that the bridge will be used as a political tool of pressure on Ukraine.

“We are losing a lot of money because of the constraints of the courts, which now cannot pass under the arches of the bridge. Now this is a modest assessment – tens of millions of hryvnia, but I think it’s much more because we’re losing jobs. Russia that specifically heats the difficult social situation in Berdyansk and Mariupol,” – said Omeljan.

The Minister noted that in the future, this bridge can connect “the Ukrainian Crimea and the Ukrainian Kuban”.

On 19 February this year, Ukraine filed its memorial in the arbitration proceedings against Russia under the UN Convention on the law of the sea.

"Стройка века". Путин откроет мост из РФ в Крым

Crimean bridge in the fog / the Most.Life

“Defiantly violating international law, the Russian Federation steals energy and fish resources that belong to Ukraine and its people, among other things, causes physical harm to the Ukrainian fishermen, blocks the vessels in the Ukrainian ports in connection with the illegal construction of the bridge Kerch”, – stated in the message.

Meanwhile, some time ago, the Ukrainian activists said that they are preparing plans to block the Crimean bridge. If you do not succeed, they plan to record everyone who passes over the bridge and make sanctions against them

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