Consumer prices in Ukraine stopped

Потребительские цены в Украине замерли

Consumer prices in August remained unchanged

Consumer prices in Ukraine after a fall of 0.7% in July in August remained unchanged. Since the beginning of year their growth was 3.6%.

Consumer prices in August 2018 in comparison with the previous month has not changed. At the same time with the beginning of the year they increased by 3.6%. On Monday, September 10, according to the State statistics service.

Core inflation last month compared to July amounted to 0.1%, from the beginning of year – 3,5%. In comparison with August of last year, inflation grew by 9%.

In the consumer market in August, prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages fell by 0.6%. Most-by 10.5% and 6.2% – cheaper vegetables and fruits. 0.4-a 0.2% decrease in prices for fish and fish products, fat, oil.

At the same time, by 6.0%, the prices of eggs, 1.1-0.3% – products of processing of grain, meat and meat products, bread, dairy products, pasta, soft drinks.

Prices of alcoholic beverages and tobacco rose by 0.9%, including tobacco products – by 1.3%, alcoholic beverages – by 0.3%.

Clothing and footwear fell by 2.6% compared with July and by 5.6% since the beginning of this year.

The growth of tariffs for housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels by 0.5% in comparison with July was mainly due to the increase in the rent of housing is 1.7%, the rates for the sewer – 1.2%, the maintenance of houses and house adjoining territories – 0,9%, water – 0,8%.

Higher prices for transport as a whole by 1.5%, mainly caused by a rise in the road passenger transport by 3.4%, cars – by 1.6%, fuel oil – by 1.1%.

Earlier, on 5 September the Cabinet of Ministers increased the minimum wholesale selling and retail prices of vodka and LIKERO-vodka products 12.4 19.6 per cent. The corresponding decision comes into force 10 days after its publication.

It was also reported that the Ukrainian sandwich with bacon in the last year rose by 42%.


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