Cosmonauts from ISS return to Earth

Космонавты с МКС возвращаются на Землю

The expedition to the ISS returned to Earth

NASA will broadcast the return of the space mission. Online stream available on Корреспондент.net.

Thursday, October 4, with the International space station (ISS) returns to the Ground 56 expedition. NASA reports about this live.

Home fly the Americans Richard Arnold and Andrew Feustel and Russians Oleg Artemyev. Down the astronauts will be on a cargo Soyuz MS-08. Land unit 14:45 local time in Kazakhstan.

The crew of the ISS 56 of the expedition had been in space 197 days.

On the eve of returning American astronauts to the ISS broke down suit Also the Correspondent reported that the astronaut took from space clip for rock band

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