Country zrady. With whom Kiev is fighting in 2016

Страны-зрады. С кем Киев поссорился в 2016 году

In Poland often burn the flag of Ukraine

The outcome 2016: the Ukrainian foreign Ministry is probably short-sighted worked its diplomacy.

This weekend the relations between Ukraine and Israel made a crack because of the resolution of the UN security Council that condemns the building of settlements in East Jerusalem.

Of the 15 members of one of the principal organs of the UN for the resolution voted only Washington, but he has not exercised its right of veto. Note that the States for the first time since 1980, not vetoed “anti-Israel” resolution.

“Emotional” reaction of Israel

The document angered the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and now he is going to revise cooperation with the UN and scarcity funding organizations, and Washington, he called traitors.

Netanyahu also summoned the ambassadors of the nine countries with which Israel has diplomatic relations, among those who voted against the settlement.

The Israeli Chapter forbade the Cabinet to communicate with the countries that supported the resolution for three weeks and cancelled my meeting with his British counterpart Theresa may.

Donald trump called the resolution “the defeat of Israel” and promised to deal with this after the inauguration of the President.

For Ukraine

As for Ukraine, then the Israeli leader had canceled the visit of Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

He Groisman, who had previously called in the top five most influential Jews in the world, urged not to dramatize the situation, but his visit to Israel was postponed indefinitely.

Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko explained why Ukraine supported the resolution, “Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are contrary to international law, as well as the occupation of Crimea by Russia”.

He called to consider the cancellation of the visit of Volodymyr Groysman, as “emotions” Netanyahu.

For the expiring 2016 soured Ukraine’s relations with several countries. Корреспондент.net says who, and why.



In the beginning of last year Amsterdam decided to hold a referendum on Association of Ukraine with the EU. The plebiscite came only a third of voters, 60 percent of whom voted against the Ukraine.

Though the referendum was of a consultative nature, the Netherlands refused to ratify the agreement – the only one of the 28 EU member States.

While Amsterdam could not formulate conditions for signing the Association agreement. Only on December 12, Prime Minister mark Rutte outlined the requirements of the Netherlands – the EU should not take on additional commitments for financial and military support to Kiev.

In addition, the Dutch do not want Ukrainians have the right to free movement and work.

Note that the Rutte supports bezviz and Association, and the referendum called catastrophe, stressing that totally against referendums on international agreements.

On 15 December it became known that Rutte agreed c Brussels on the additional explanation to the Association Agreement. But it must be approved in the Netherlands itself, and then the European Parliament.

This year in relations between Ukraine and the Netherlands there have been two significant events – picture scandal and court of Scythian gold.

The Reaction Of Ukraine. Kiev, of course, reacted to the situation with restraint. The last statement of the President of Petro Poroshenko was 16 Dec. Then he said that “Ukraine is defended”.



Everyone knows, including Donald Trump that the Ukrainian authorities were betting on the victory of Hillary Clinton in the presidential race in the United States.

The media and various experts predicted Ukraine hard times because of its position as trump spoke of his sympathy for Vladimir Putin of the ability to recognize the Russian Crimea.

A big failure of Ukraine to the USA can be considered a scandal around the head of the election headquarters trump Paul Manafort, which allegedly had to do with the “black hand” of the Party of regions. In the midst of this scandal, the Montfort left the headquarters of the Republicans.

However, after winning the trump in the party Poroshenko began to protect Manafort and soon the NEB recognized the dirt on him fake.

Note, as Putin said, in a victory for trump in the presidential elections believe only Russia.

In addition, the new U.S. President wants to make the Pentagon chief James Mattis, nicknamed Mad dog, which advocates for greater support of Ukraine, and accuses Russia of military invasion.

Probably the appointment of a friend of Putin and Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of state is not so bad for Ukraine. First, it will be easier to negotiate with the Kremlin. Second, the policy of the state Department is not determined by its head. And thirdly, trump is not a lot of freedom of action, all its decisions must be approved by senators and congressmen.

The Reaction Of Ukraine. As mentioned above, Poroshenko has changed the policy regarding trump following his victory.

On 24 November the President of Ukraine told about his telephone conversation with the newly elected leader of the United States. According to him, trump himself has raised the subject of the annexation of Crimea, but the details did not disclose.



In 2014, the number of Ukrainians who migrated to Poland has increased significantly, which triggered a rise in nationalist sentiment in society. During this time, the poles repeatedly burned the Ukrainian flag and destroyed the monuments that are relevant to Ukrainian history.

On 10 December, the participants of the “March of the eagles Przemysl and Lviv”, which was held under the patronage of the mayor of the city, shouting “Death to Ukrainians”. Citizens of Ukraine has also repeatedly abused by the poles.

But in the summer of this year, the Polish government raised the issue of the Volyn tragedy. The upper chamber of the Polish Parliament called Sejm to establish July 11 as a National day of remembrance of the victims of the genocide committed against the citizens of the Second Republic of Poland.

The Polish Sejm adopted a resolution on July 22. The document notes that during the Second world war on the outskirts of Poland was a struggle between two totalitarian regimes – Nazi and Soviet, and in this framework, acting Ukrainian nationalist organizations with which the Polish underground were unable to find a common language.

Poland made a film about the Volyn tragedy, in which the UPA look like is clearly more evil than the German Nazis.

In addition, the Polish Parliament introduced a bill that equated Ukrainian nationalism to the totalitarian system. After its adoption in Poland snezni all the monuments connected with Ukraine, but the bill was rejected.

The Reaction Of Ukraine. In Parliament there was a bill on the genocide of Ukrainians by Poland in the years 1919-1951. Poroshenko said he regretted the genocide recognition and called for mutual forgiveness.

As for the movie, his show in Ukraine was canceled “in order not to incite hatred” between Ukrainians and poles.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andriy deshchitsa said that the film is very emotional and “don’t end up anti-Ukrainian”.



President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is trying to sit on several chairs at once, so Minsk has half-hearted relations with Russia, Ukraine and the EU.

This year several events occurred that demonstrated that between Kyiv and Minsk is not going smoothly.

21 October Ukraine returned the aircraft Belavia to Kiev, threatening to scramble the jets to intercept. After planting was removed one passenger. Poroshenko apologized to Lukashenko.

Kiev insists that international standards on the Ukrainian side, but to pay compensation for the return of the aircraft.

In November, Belarus had tried to block the UN resolution on human rights in Crimea, in which Russia for the first time recognized as an aggressor that occupied the Peninsula.

On the claims of Kiev, Minsk said that the UN vote on a resolution on human rights in Crimea is irrelevant to the question of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Страны-зрады. С кем Киев поссорился в 2016 году


The Reaction Of Ukraine. Ukraine’s permanent representative to the UN said that the position of Belarus is anti-Ukrainian: “We cannot accept that our closest neighbors openly oppose us in the UN.”

As for the plane, then, as mentioned above, Ukraine will pay for compensation, though insisting on its legal right.