Court of Lithuania fined Gazprom 35.5 million euros

Суд Литвы оштрафовал Газпром на 35,5 миллиона евро

A Lithuanian court has ordered Gazprom to pay the fine country of 35.5 million euros.

Chief administrative court of Lithuania has fined Russian Gazprom 35,561 million euros, reports RIA Novosti.

It is noted that Gazprom violated the agreement of 2004 and agreed to sign with the company Lietuvos energija, the transaction for the exchange of gas.

Thus, the Chief administrative court of Lithuania upheld the decision of the competition Council, which had previously assigned the largest in the history of the country fine.

In early 2012, Lietuvos energija found an opportunity to buy gas on more favourable conditions in Western Europe and asked Gazprom export to allow her the exchange of fuel: the gas that Gazprom export supplied to Poland via Belarus, would be sent to Lithuania, and the resulting lack of Gazprom’s gas production in Poland would be covered from the acquired company Lietuvos energija gas volume.

The competition Council in June 2014 acknowledged that refusing to Lietuvos energija in the agreement on exchange of gas in 2013-2015, Gazprom prevented the signing of the Lithuanian company contracts with other gas suppliers.

Ukraine has accused Gazprom in the preparation of the crisis

It was argued that thus the Russian company has violated the conditions of approval for the purchase of concern 34% stake in Lietuvos dujos. Transaction Lietuvos energija one and Western European companies would reduce the cost of the acquired company the gas, and it would have adjusted, and electricity prices for consumers.