Court of the Chechen Republic must cease to restrict the right to a remedy Karpuk and Cliche, defenders

Суд Чечни должен прекратить ограничивать права на правовую защиту Карпюка и Клыха, - правозащитники

Euromaidan OI of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union on human rights in the framework of the campaign #LetMyPeopleGo have expressed concern about the decision of the Supreme court of the Chechen Republic on the appointment of “additional” defenders Nikolai and Stanislav Kabuku Klychu that happened against their will and without the consent of the lawyer Marina Dubrovina and Dokka Itslayev, said in their joint statement posted on the website of the Helsinki Union.

“The decision was made at the end of the judicial investigation, before the debate of the parties, scheduled for may 4. The decision is a cynical violation of the right to defense of both defendants, which are guaranteed by the European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as the Criminal procedural code of the Russian Federation and the decision to “double the protection” of the Council of the Federal chamber of lawyers of 27 September 2013″, – underlined in the message.

It is also noted that “the purpose of this Jesuit move to discredit the position of the defense in the eyes of the jury and to undermine the efforts to successfully refute the allegations that have been made throughout the judicial process.” Lawyers Dokka Itslaev and Marina Dubrovina was able to demonstrate to the jury the innocence of his clients, as well as the inconsistency of the accusations that were put forward in their address, assured the human rights activists.

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Human rights activists called the decision of the judge Ismailova V. I. “the last straw in judicial and legal outrage” over the Ukrainian citizens Mykola Karpuram and Stanislav Klahom that for the past two and a half years are in illegal detention in Russia and constantly experiencing gross violations of their fundamental rights. “For the purpose of obtaining confessions to the Ukrainian citizens were applied cruel torture, psychological pressure, and possibly psychotropic drugs throughout the pre-trial investigation”, – said human rights activists. More than a year they did not allow Ukrainian Consul, and a long time denied access to independent lawyers.

“We believe the judge’s decision Ismailov V. D. regarding the appointment of additional defenders without the consent of the attorneys under the contract and without the consent of both have jurisdiction over illegal. Demand to stop attempts to restrict the right Nicholas Karpuk and Stanislaw Cliche to an effective remedy, as well as attempts to discredit their defenders”, – said the Euromaidan SOS and the Ukrainian Helsinki Union.

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Recall that in Grozny completed the trial of the Ukrainians Karpuram and Slyhom, on may 4, assigned to arguments. At the last meeting in fact, there were two appointed attorney. The lawyer Marina Dubrovina said that the judge made such decision, having considered all the comments that he did to the lawyers of the Ukrainians and said that they “allegedly disrupted the process and violate order in court session”.