“Cranks” vs “Hammer”: What to think of Poroshenko and Putin in the fight against trump

"Шатуны" против "Молота": Что придумают Порошенко и Путин в борьбе с Трампом

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Those who try to predict the departure of the Americans from Ukraine, are not familiar with geopolitical “inferiority complex” of America. As in Russia, USA has its own inferiority complex. Russia is Ukraine, and the United States is Cuba. Exactly the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 showed America that you can not rely on the ideas of isolationism, for the Soviet Union (Putin’s Russia) will move to where the Americans go.

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By the way, this Cuban missile crisis ended badly for Kennedy and Khrushchev. Therefore, no trump will not allow the repeat of the situation when the Kremlin from a position of strength, as it was during the Cuban missile crisis, will be to blackmail with nuclear weapons of the United States or their natural strategic allies (Germany, UK and Japan). That’s why Americans ‘ withdrawal from Ukraine is simply impossible, because it will lead to the stimulation of international expansion of Putin’s Russia. And, above all, to Europe.

Therefore, Ukraine, outside of his desire, is a natural ally of the United States, especially in the role of “soft underbelly” of Russia.

Another thing is that unlike the ideological Democrats, Republicans pragmatists the USA not so much to insist on democratic values of Ukraine, how many will undertake the creation of a strong Central authority, freed of corrupt officials and oligarchs. Only such a government can be a partner of America.

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Us President Trump needs a strong Outpost of European security, the real barrier to Russia to Europe and not the eternal struggle for democracy in a deeply corrupt Ukraine, which is not able neither to local government nor to the successful execution of a strategic role in the world.

But the US position is not beneficial to either Kiev or the Kremlin. Therefore, in the fight with the Republican administration of President trump the interests of Poroshenko and Putin are objectively the same. As a result of hard, active actions in our country, Poroshenko loses power, and Putin – Ukraine. Both are well aware of. Let’s see what will come up this geopolitical duet against the American “Hammer”.

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However, there is another incredible option when the Americans organized “the contest of loyalty,” suit, so to speak, “socialist competition” between Putin and Poroshenko, who will bring the benefit of the United States. Accordingly, someone who used to betray: Putin Poroshenko, Putin Poroshenko.

In any case, their geopolitical “convulsions and suffering” would benefit Ukraine and its people. So begins a Grand play or fights without rules, loves, us President trump, where Ukrainian thieving “Cranks” when the power play against a tough “Republican “Hammer” of America.

Viktor Nebozhenko

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