Crash of the Soyuz rocket. The fate of the ISS in question

Авария ракеты Союз. Судьба МКС под вопросом

The carrier rocket Soyuz-FG problems arose after the separation of the first stage. Now when you change of station crew is unknown.

During the launch of spacecraft Soyuz MS-10 crew to the International space station accident. The carrier rocket Soyuz-FG problems arose after the separation of the first stage.

Onboard were Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and American astronaut Nick Hague. They ejected and survived. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Arrived quickly

11 October during the launch of manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-10 from the Baikonur cosmodrome accident. The carrier rocket was supposed to deliver the ship to the ISS “Gagarin’s area”.

The startup, overseen by the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin and the head of NASA Jim Breidenstein, was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of experimental machine-building plant Energy, developed the ship.

Specialists of the Corporation prior to the preparation of the booster before the start of the deviations was found.

The problem appeared after a couple of minutes after the start of the media. According to preliminary information, the direct cause of the triggering of the emergency rescue system has become an emergency situation when the separation of the first stage carrier.

On the bottom. The crash of the Russian rocket with the satellites

According to various sources, 123 or 119 seconds into flight, the capsule with the crew separated and subsequently landed safely in the Kazakh steppes, about 25 kilometers from the airport of Zhezkazgan, where he was discovered by search and rescue squad.

To broadcast the launch of the Union, which was published by NASA after the accident heard the words Ovchinin “Quickly we have arrived”. The astronaut said that the accident of the carrier rocket occurred two minutes forty-five seconds after launch.

“The condition of the cosmonauts is good, they moved the overload of six units… in good Condition… Need to take them to the hospital, they will go by helicopter to Zhezqazghan is a regular route, and from there they either fly directly to Moscow, or go to Baikonur, where they will participate in the discussion of the situation,” said N+1 Oleg Orlov, Director of the Institute of biomedical problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, whose experts monitor the health of astronauts.

He added that the six-time overload astronauts experience even at the selection stage, then again during training, but during regular flight overload usually does not exceed 2-3G, until 4G is landing.

For poslednim according to the crew emergency Union landed at the airport Extreme serving the cosmodrome. They felt fine and move on their own.

Авария ракеты Союз. Судьба МКС под вопросом

The last crash of manned spacecraft Soyuz occurred in April 1975, when the flight lasted 21 minutes and 27 seconds.

Then there was a failure of the third stage, the emergency landing was in Altai. The astronauts went down on a steeper trajectory, the overload was more than 20 units, but they survived.

The causes of the crash of the Union

According to the Interfax’s source in the rescue services, the accident occurred in the separation of the side blocks of the first stage booster.

RIA Novosti adds that one of the four blocks could not be separated in time, and when it happened, he struck on the Central unit.

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Авария ракеты Союз. Судьба МКС под вопросом
Baikonur before the launch sanctified / EPA

As said Rogozin, to determine the cause of the accident was formed a special Commission, which has already started to work.

“We study the telemetry. Rescue services are working from the first second of the accident. The system of emergency rescue ship Soyuz-MS worked full-time”, – he said.

The Commission Roscosmos will check Samara space rocket centre Progress, which produced rocket Soyuz-FG. For the period of the investigation, the missile launches of this type will be suspended.

Russia’s investigative Committee opened a criminal case after the accident, the manned spacecraft Soyuz under article “Infringement of safety rules of construction works, which caused major damage”.


The fate of the ISS

Nick Haig, who came in a group of NASA astronauts in 2013, heading to his first space flight.

He, along with Ovchinnik were to join on Board the ISS to the commander of the 57th expedition of Alexander Gerst of the European space Agency, NASA flight engineer Serina Augen-Chancellor and Roscosmos flight engineer Sergei Prokopieva. They arrived at the station in June.

According to NASA, members of the 57th expedition has carried out hundreds of experiments in biology, biotechnology, physics and geography.

Roscosmos said that the planned November release into space to survey the hole in the hull of the ship Soyuz to ISS will not. This dolgun was to do Ovchinin along with his colleague Prokopyeva.

The fate of the ISS now depends on the investigation of today’s crash.

“Maybe in NASA will require two qualification launches after establishing the causes of the accident. And only after that they agree to put your astronaut on our ships. Then the case will stretch and will have to return astronauts to the leaky ship Soyuz and the station temporarily preserve,” he said Газете.Ru academician of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Alexander Zheleznyakov.

He noted that the Russian ships the Union is to remain the only means of delivery, and American astronauts will fly until the second half of 2019.

The crew of MS-09, whose casing was found a hole, will live aboard the ISS indefinitely because of the unavailability of private ships to fly in space, said astronaut Chris Hadfield, former commander of the station.

“If the cause of the accident will find quickly, it is quite possible that the new Union will travel to the ISS closer to December, when the crew of the MS-09 was supposed to leave the station. On the other hand, the rocket rarely occur is simple error, and crew members need to be prepared for what they will spend on Board the ISS for many months,” he said.

At the same time, because of the accident all the unmanned launches of Soyuz from the Russian cosmodrome in 2018 is under threat, Interfax reported a source in the rocket and space industry.

“Pre-supposed the suspension not only manned but also unmanned launches rocket Union, including 19 October from Plesetsk, October 31 from Baikonur and 7 November from Kourou,” said the source.

According to him, the rockets are partially similar to the construction of the side blocks of the first stage.

“The separation of the side blocks these missiles takes place in the same way that Soyuz FG. They have to check,” explained Sobesednik Agency.


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