Crash Vodafone. In Donetsk queues for packets from a local operator

Авария Vodafone. В Донецке очереди за пакетами местного оператора

The queue for the starting package of the operator of the Phoenix

The company says that it is not reconnected, if the accident occurred on the territory of the DNI.

In Donetsk formed a queue for the starting package local mobile operator for the Phoenix. People buy them left without Vodafone (before rebranding – MTS-Ukraine – ed.).

About this Donetsk residents reported in social networks.

So, a local resident posted a photo of the queue on Glavpochtampa Donetsk for packages Phoenix.

“Said today that 3-day sale” – says a resident of the city.

No starter packs in other parts of Donetsk. In particular, in a large shopping center “Golden ring”.

People wonder “where do they sell sell it at all”.

Авария Vodafone. В Донецке очереди за пакетами местного оператора

Turn in Donetsk for the starting package of the operator and the Phoenix. Photo: screenshot

In Vodafone Ukraine said that the problems arose because of damage to communication lines.

“There is information about the damage to fiber-optic communication lines in the area of ATO. Contractors are exploring the possibility of physical access to the damaged area for repairs,” – said in the Department of external relations Vodafone.

The company noted that the event of damage to the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine to rectify the situation fail.

In addition, representatives of the mobile operator announced that currently more than one third of equipment located in uncontrolled areas, are in working condition.

As reported Корреспондент.netsince yesterday the DNI and the LC is no mobile connection Vodafone. The reason for this was the damage to the fiber optic cable.

We will remind that in March of this year, Ukrainian telecommunications operators Lifecell and Ukrtelecom announced the termination of work in the DPR. The operator is Vodafone then said that his job has not changed – their network “works offline”.