Crashing uz: what about tickets for the holidays

Сбой в Укрзализныце: что с билетами на праздники

Service booking uz did not survive the excitement caused by the new schedule of start of sales of tickets for trains.

The online system of purchasing tickets, booking uz uz 4 December there was a massive failure: despite the withdrawals, documents on travel users have not received.

Today, December 5, uz stabilized the site on the sales of tickets, but to buy travel documents is still not possible.

As explained in the Railways, the burden on the service booking uz has grown six-fold. The excitement was caused by the fact that until that time, the sale was not “new” tickets. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Failed booking uz

Recently Ukrzaliznytsya started selling tickets for trains only 15 days before their departure, but not 45 like it used to. Talked about a new schedule of passenger trains, which is supposed to start on 9 December.

At the same time, Ukrzaliznytsia banned the return tickets via the Internet for the period from 15 December 2018 to 15 January 2019 up to the end of the peak winter traffic.

The sale of tickets for new year’s and Christmas holidays was blocked until 4 December. As soobshili in km, this day was formalno 244 thousand places to travel in passenger trains, of which 61 per cent was purchased over the Internet.

The company also noted that the load on up to six times, so to stabilize the operation of the service was a restriction on the 140 operations per second.

Many Ukrainians complained that the payment from the Bank is gone, but the ticket never came in the mail and remained in the list for sale.

Soon uz on the page in Facebook reported that adjusted work According to their information customers have already started to get their tickets or money, that failed to previously, due to incorrect operation.

The ULTRASOUND noted that if the claimed operation in the online system remained without result, you need to contact us by phone 591-19-88, e-mail address [email protected] or Skype uz_booking.

In Ukrzaliznytsya also announced the opening of sales of tickets for trains departing after 20 October, after which the company will appoint additional trains for new year and Christmas holidays.

However, on December 5 to purchase tickets online was impossible, like booking uz, and other services. Before lunch, the service “laid down” on the stage before payment, while on stranice hung announcement of the technical break from 13 o’clock to work. At the moment the error appears already when searching trains.

Reaction of social networks

In social networks collapse booking uz has caused a wave of indignation. Many users write that paid for the tickets, but did not receive travel documents and then the money was not returned.

People are outraged by the situation in uz, and say that such a stir before the new year holidays in the company could provide.

Journalist Olga Reshetilova on his page in Facebook said that she bought a ticket online but must be printed in the ticket office at the train station, but banks formed long queues which passengers do not have time for your train.

“People don’t have time, and train 126Л Kyiv-Kostiantynivka closed the door three minutes before departure. People begged to open… despite the fact that people have had order forms with all of their data or already printed the tickets,” she wrote.

Other users of social networks write that the money was debited but the tickets didn’t arrive, and when they return the funds, no information.

“Worst of all, many people, and I have the money from the card written off, and the tickets never came. Some of these people bought “today-today” or “today or tomorrow” and left without money, and without the right to travel,” writes a user Nazar Rozlutsky.

Bought through the app Ukrzaliznytsia on December 30, four tickets… Well I bought: the money is gone, and the tickets never came. The hotline is constantly busy, what to do?” – outraged in Facebook Alexey Andreev.


Uz responds with additional trains

The company said that now is open selling of tickets by 70 percent year-round trains. On other trains the sale will be opened in the near future.

After the implementation of all tickets for year-round trains, the Railways will begin the appointment of additional trains during new year and Christmas holidays.

“After the implementation of all tickets for year-round trains Railways will start selling tickets for additional. It is expected that this festive season there will be assigned not less than 30,” – said the press service.

In addition, Ukrzaliznytsia in connection with the increase in demand will launch 40 international trains, 20 of them in Europe.

Through car Kiev – Wroclaw in the composition of the train No. 749/51-52/750 will start departing from Kyiv from December 8, daily at 14:07 and arrive in Warsaw the next day at 11:25.

Back the car will depart at 16:30 and arrive in Kiev the next day at 17:14.

Also new non-stop cars will run with stops, particularly at stations of Lviv, Przemysl, Krakow and Wroclaw.

In the new schedule of movement of passenger trains will operate in: Warsaw, Vienna, Budapest, Vilnius, Riga, Bucharest, Kosice, Cracow, Debrecen, Lublin, and others.

The most popular destinations are Kiev – Przemysl and Kiev – Warsaw.


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