Create a map of Europe where each country is represented by the famous piece of art

Создана карта Европы, где каждая страна представлена знаменитым произведением искусства

In the network appeared the map of Europe where each country represents some kind of symbolic for her artwork. The map is published on the website Reddit user under the nickname halfabluesky.

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Map of Europe created out of the 44 paintings. Ukraine, in particular, is the painting “the Cossacks writing letter to Turkish Sultan” by Ilya Repin.

The main picture of Russia became the “Golden autumn” by Isaac Levitan. Belarusian painting, according to the author, is “the Fiddler” by Marc Chagall.

France presented the painting “Impression. Sunrise” by Claude Monet. The main picture of Italy, of course, was the Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci, Spain – “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso, Norway “the Scream” by Edvard Munch.

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It should be noted that Greece shows no picture, and the famous sculpture of Venus de Milo.

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