Created “the black” material in the world

Создан "самый черный" в мире материал

Scientists have created “the black” material in the world

The coating absorbs 99.995 per cent light that is 0.03 more than the previous record.

Scientists were able to create “the black” of previously known materials. Reported by the

Created the material is about ten times darker than everything known to people at the moment. Specialists not going to beat the previous record absorbance of light, which was 99,965 percent.

The researchers wanted to improve the thermal and electrical properties of aluminium, by growing carbon nanotubes on it. It was created by the previous record holder “the dark material” vantablack.

Создан "самый черный" в мире материал

Photo: R. Capanna, A. Berlato, and A. Pinato

With the help of salts containing chloride ions, the scientists were able to remove from the surface of the aluminium oxide layer that prevents the passage of electric current. Grow on the cleaned aluminum nanotubes, precipitating on the surface of the aluminum couple carbon, the researchers got a surprising result.

The resulting material absorbs up to 99.995 percent of the incident radiation regardless of the angle of incidence of light.

Previously, BMW showed a car with the black coating in the world. It was also reported that he presented the IG Nobel prize-2019 for the strangest scientific discoveries.

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