Cried again. What did you watch in Youtube in 2018

Поплакала и снова. Что смотрели в Youtube в 2018

Group Kazka in 2018 has broken all records

The Youtube has published the top 10 videos and the 10 most popular videos that are watched by the Ukrainians in 2018.

In 2018, the Ukrainians listened to musicians and not to forget about the Russians. But in the first place, probably for the first time in the country’s history, the video in the Ukrainian language.

Among the most popular non-music video in Ukraine was the national TV shows, there were no children’s cartoons and again the Russians.

Корреспондент.net collected lists of the top hits of Youtube in Ukraine.

Music videos

  • Kazka – Crying
  • On the first place among music videos superhit groups Kazka was Crying. At the moment he has more than 77 million views and 100 thousand more than the American TV star Kylie Jenner on her most popular videos.

    With just the audio version of Crying has collected 77 million and the video has 71 million views.

    The same song in 2018 were in the Top 10 in the world charts service Shazam. Song in Ukrainian language first appeared in this top. In the first ten the rest of the songs in English.

    “Cried – the song about the girl’s destiny, on the ability of Ukrainians to revive through bitter tears, about the current recipe of erasing bad memories,” says the band about their hit.

    2. #2Маши Biofeedback

    In second place in the Ukrainian top hits hit Russian group #2Маши. It’s two girls – Masha Zaitseva and Maria Sheikh. One sings, the other rap. At the main BOS hit 68 million views.

    3. Time and Glass – TOP [Lyric Video]

    The hit of the Ukrainian pop group Time and Glass. This, of course, not the name of the 505, but its nearly 65 million views on Youtube the song was collected.

    And it is not only the hit group in Top viewed, they also took 6th place with his song,the Battle.

    4. MONATIK & Nadia Dorofeeva – Deep…

    5. Arthur Pirozhkov “Chica”

    6. Time and Glass – E,Battle

    7. LOBODA – SuperSTAR [Audio]

    8. Egor Krid feat. Philip Kirkorov – Color mood black (the clip, 2018)

    9. Olya Polyakova — Queen Of The Night

    10. MARUV & BOOSIN – Drunk Groove (Official Video)

    Non-music video

  • School. 1 series
  • The first episode of the series School, which airs on 1+1 TV channel and tells stories about the lives of today’s students, watched over 6 million times.

    2. DZIDZIO Bass (FULL HD)

    In second place is the full version of the Ukrainian film DZIDZIO Bass, which flooded on Youtube. This Comedy, which was released on 31 August 2017. Director – Oleg Borshevsky.

    Youtube videos filled January 1, 2018 and has now collected it is 4.8 million hits.

    3. The dad told the daughter to go to prom in a sexy dress – Diesel Show 2018 | HUMOR ICTV

    A video of the Diesel Show, which airs on TV channel ICTV. Video have 18 million views, it is strange that Youtube only puts him in third place.

    In the scene, by the way, involved Marina Poplavskaya – actress Diesel Show, tragically died this fall.

    4. The PREMIERE of the CLIP “VIKI SHOW – Just” /// Vicki Show

    5. Yuriy Tkach – “I and Sarah” – choice blind – the Voice season 8.

    6. Fixies – Window / Fixiki

    7. Skin, drunk, drug dealer Husband taught a parrot to talk | Evening Quarter 2018

    8. Garik Kharlamov, Timur Batrutdinov, Demis Karipidis Show “The Best”

    9. Wash your hands Every Day – Kids songs – Educational cartoons for kids

    10. Full release of the New Evening Quarter 2018 in Turkey from 19 may