Crimea has supplied generators to bypass the sanctions – media

В Крым поставили генераторы в обход санкций - СМИ

After the failure of the Finnish company because of the sanctions put diesel generators in the Bay, they were replaced by generators of the German company MAN.

The Kerch shipyard Zaliv received the generators from the German company MAN. RBC reports, citing a source familiar with the materials of the Russian Ministry of transport.

After the failure of the Finnish company Wärtsilä because of the sanctions put diesel generators in the Bay for construction of salvage vessel for three billion rubles, had to be replaced by the generators of the German company MAN, told in the Ministry.

This information Agency also confirmed partner of several Russian shipbuilding companies. According to him, the company’s equipment MAN had placed on the ship because of the refusal of the Finnish company.

German company denies the delivery of the equipment to the Crimea, however, does not preclude the resale of the Bay were able to use the equipment built for other courts, but “MAN can’t control and know about it.”

“We do not participate and was not involved in any current or recent projects with the factory Bay. MAN didn’t set any generators on the Bay over the last ten years”, – said the Agency representative of MAN Diesel & Turbo.

He stressed that the current sanctions prohibit the supply generators to Crimean companies or use them in the Crimea.

“We strictly follow these directions”, – said the interlocutor of RBC.

The representative of the Federal Ministry of economy and energy of Germany, told the news Agency that the German government does not comment on export by private companies.

In the Russian Ministry of transport for the request is not answered.

Sanctions against the Crimea. That banned the US and EU

EU sanctions, introduced in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea, include a ban on exports from the EU to the Peninsula of goods and technologies that can be used in the areas of transport, telecommunications or energy.

They also forbid European companies and citizens to invest in enterprises of the Crimea and import of local products. In the summer of 2017 the sanctions was extended until 23 June 2018.

In July last year, there was an international scandal because of the supply of turbines of the German company Siemens in the Crimea.

The German company sold four turbines in March 2015 for use exclusively on the Taman Peninsula in Russia, but have purchased equipment changed owners, and he was sent to the Crimea for the construction of two power plants.

Siemens tried to challenge the purchase in court and to regain the turbine, but on 14 December and 10 January, its claims were rejected.