Crimean court has extended the arrest of Ukrainian “diversionists”

Крымский суд продлил арест украинских "диверсантов"

Sergey Panov and Andrey Sahta will remain in jail until December 9

Evgeny Panov and Andrew Sahta will remain in jail until December 9.

A court in Crimea has extended by two months the detention Evgeny Panov and Andrew Sachau. On Friday, 6 akteure, reports Crimea. Realities.

So, the pet will remain in jail until December 9.

As lawyer Sergey Panov Legostaev, the meeting was held behind closed doors, however, the court has satisfied the petition of protection of public announcement of the decision.

“I have also applied to Panova during a meeting was not confined in a cage. The court considered that it was not his competence”, – said Legasto.

He also added that the leadership of the detention center restricts his client’s right to receive information.

We will remind, in 2016 in Russia, stated three detainees of sabotage – Evgeny Panov (Energodar), Redvan Suleymanov (Zaporozhye) and the inhabitant of the Crimea Andrey Sahta.

By the way, January 24, Moscow city court upheld the extension of arrest of another person in this case – Ukrainian Andrey Saftey.

Last year, December 5, Panov and Saftey arrest extended until March 2017.

We will remind, on August 10, the FSB said that the defense Ministry of Ukraine has sent to the Crimea several groups of saboteurs to carry out terrorist acts. During the fighting on 7 and 8 August, as stated by Russian security forces killed a member of the FSB and the military. In Russia announced the names of three “saboteurs” – Evgeny Panov, Andrei Tahta and Ridwan Suleymanov.

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