“Crimean saboteur” declared tortures

"Крымский диверсант" заявил о пытках

In Crimea, Ukrainian Panova detained as a saboteur

According to Panov, the FSB force beat out from it indications.

“Ukrainian saboteur” Evgenie Panov has submitted an application to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with regards to severe torture, which, he argues, it was used by the FSB.

As reported on Thursday, December 8, RBC, Panov said that FSB officers had tortured him for six days.

“Beaten by an iron pipe in the head, back, kidneys, hands, feet, tightened the handcuffs back to numbness of the hands, hung by handcuffs: bent my legs at the knees, buttoned cuffs, front just below the knee and put under the knees with an iron rod, after which the two men, holding with both sides, had raised the stick and me that I was in so much pain,” – said Panov.

As reported Корреспондент.net5 December in the Russian Federation extended the arrest of Ukrainian roster.

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