Criminal cases against officials of the Yanukovych no – GPU

Уголовных дел против чиновников Януковича нет - ГПУ

At the same time, according to Lutsenko, materials for their excitement – a lot.

Against officials of former President Viktor Yanukovych has no any criminal case to be transferred to the court, said Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko in interview to TV channel ICTV.

“There is bad news: not a single thing that I can say with a clear heart now to sign and send to the removal of immunity to the Parliament or a relative of former senior officials – in court – no. Ready cases – no”, – Lutsenko noted.

Thus, according to him, materials for their excitement – a lot.

“On the other hand, the good news: a lot of materials,” – said Lutsenko.

In late March, the former Minister of justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash said that the EU court obliged Ukraine to pay the Yanukovych 6.3 million USD for legal fees in the case of the appeal of sanctions.

In turn, the Ministry of justice refuted the statement about payments to Yanukovych.