Cristiano Ronaldo gay? Was coming out

Криштиану Роналду - гей? Был ли каминг-аут

The media quickly reported on the recognition of the attacker real to sexual orientation.

Cristiano Ronaldo has called himself gay with a lot of money – the news of this spread through all media with a note about Euroatom coming-out star of real Madrid, who have long been waiting for.

But later it became known that there was no recognition of sexual orientation Ronaldo did, and the sensation was due to incorrect translation from Spanish.

It should be noted that on Western media reports coming out of the Portuguese wrote.

Корреспондент.net understand why everyone is so quickly believed in the “confession” of one of the best players of our time.

How did “coming out” Ronaldo

The story unwound after the interview with Ronaldo leading the popular Spanish radio station. In a conversation on the radio, the footballer said that he and his Atletico Madrid midfielder Koke during the match there was a skirmish.

The exact quote in Spanish as follows: “Koke le llamó maricón” y Cristiano que le respondió: “Maricón, pero con mucha pasta, cabrón”.

In a conversation on the radio, the footballer said that Koke called him a “faggot”, to which Ronaldo replied, “But I’m a very rich faggot, asshole”.

The Spanish word “magshop” is translated not as “gay”, and oskorblenie “faggot”, not related to sexual minorities, so the English media translated it as “faggot” and not “gay” for example.

Probably Cristiano Ronaldo used those words because they rhyme.

Imperiale got on video, but the conversation is not audible.


There is no smoke without fire

Orientation Cristiano Ronaldo is a hot topic, despite the fact that in public he always appeared with the girls.

His affair with model Iranai Shake lasted for five years, but after their breakup, the media wrote that the model just worked out a contract.

Long before the gap Shayk Instagram photos Ronaldo are rare. He didn’t come to the premiere of the film with her participation, preferring to stay with friends in Las Vegas.

But it was not at the ceremony of the Golden ball in Zurich. In his speech, Cristiano Ronaldo remembered probably all, but not Irina Shayk.

After their break, the screens out the film “Ronaldo”, telling about the biographies of real Madrid striker, but there’s no mention of Irina.

On the question of why his bride is nothing in the picture, the player replied: “In life there are good and bad times. Also there are periods that are not very important.”

The main reason for suspicion Ronaldo homosexuality is his friendship with the Moroccan kickboxer, world champion Badr Hari.

In may 2015 the Spanish Newspapers wrote that Ronaldo is with him in an intimate relationship, the home to which the player is not flown on his private jet.

In addition, Ronaldo has sectility son from surrogate mothers – one predostavila their egg, the other carried the baby. This practice is very popular among representatives of the LGBT community.

Media reports that Cristiano Ronaldo wants for his son a brother or sister and is now engaged in the search for a surrogate mother. In total, according to the player, he wants five or six children.

Криштиану Роналду - гей? Был ли каминг-аут

Cristiano Ronaldo with his son