Croatia – Ukraine: What you write about the Ukrainian team by foreign media

Хорватия – Украина: Что пишут про украинскую команду иностранные СМИ

Before the match the national team of Ukraine vs national team of Croatia remains little more than a day. Meanwhile, the foreign press writes extensively about the upcoming match and our players. Mikalai Vasilkou revered Croatian, Italian and Spanish Newspapers.

Croatian magazine Sportske-Novosti left with the portrait of Andrei Shevchenko and exclusive interviews with the coach. Shevchenko gave an assessment of the Croatian national team, spoke about the relations with Boban and praised modrić.

Хорватия – Украина: Что пишут про украинскую команду иностранные СМИ

“We’re expecting a difficult game. The Croatian team is currently the leader of our group, they will play at home in Zagreb, the match will be tough. We have a little preparation time, we focus to determine the composition and tactics”, – reports the Croatian journalists the words of the coach of the Ukrainian team.

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“Zvonimir my friend, we talk often, see each other often. He is a representative of a new wave of FIFA, now former players are popping up in this organization, they replace the leaders of the old type. I like the new initiative, FIFA. Certainly, the expansion of the participants of the world Cup is an important strategic step. It will bring real football to those countries where it is not very developed. In the end, the prospect to get to the world Cup now would be very relevant even for nelipovich teams. This is a plus for football,” – said Shevchenko.

“Of course, Modric in his position is one of the best in the world at present, he is holding the bar not the first season at a high level and in a very good clubs. His titles and achievements speak for themselves” – a Sheva said the leader of the rivals.

Italian La Gazzetta dello Sport quotes the words of Shevchenko on the role of his life coaches with whom he worked.

Хорватия – Украина: Что пишут про украинскую команду иностранные СМИ

“With Ancelotti I carefully studied their tactics. You never learn the tactics as in Italy”, – said Shevchenko Italian edition.

And Spanish newspaper MUNDO deportivo returns to the war in Ukraine and the situation with Roman Zozulya.

Хорватия – Украина: Что пишут про украинскую команду иностранные СМИ

“Ukraine will meet next Friday in Croatia in the match of the qualifying round for the 2018 world Cup in Russia. The coach stood up for striker Roman Zozulya, who was summoned, although he hasn’t played a single match after an unsuccessful loan at “Rayo Vallecano” – referred to in the article.

“We support the Cuckoo, who was in a very difficult situation, with absolutely baseless allegations. He is a part of our team and a sincere patriot of his country, – said Shevchenko. – The situation in Ukraine affects football. The level of the championship has fallen, this affects the clubs and the national team. These difficult times we need to survive, together, keeping the unity”.

Polish journalist Sebastian Starzewski interested in the head coach those who are not called to the collection, in particular by Karavaevym, Khacheridi and Kostevich, Ukrainian footballer of the club “Lech” poznań.

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“We proceeded from the fact that we need to create competition at every position. On the position of Karavaeva already have a few players, so this time he is out of order. Khacheridi, he’s not even playing in “Dinamo”, and the competition for a place in the protection of high. We follow all Ukrainian artists at home and abroad. Kostevich and Putivtsev displayed well in Poland. If they continue to progress, they will demonstrate an appropriate level, you can get your chance,” said Shevchenko.

In order not to draw Parallels between the situation Zozulya, who needs the support, and the other players who do not have game practice, the poles even quote an interview Igor Surkis of the Ukrainian press about the problems Khacheridi of Dynamo.

“You can’t say that Khacheridi. Maybe he was big. But today it is necessary to prove on the football field, – quotes the press service of the Dynamo Surkis’s words. He’s in two games is not included in the application of 18 players. What now, will play for the reserves? It’s his choice.”

A new wave of publications have already lead to the press conference of Andriy Shevchenko and training of our team at the stadium “Maksimir”. And before that Ukrainian team took a walk on the Streets in spring.

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