Cross-country skiing. What to expect from Tour de Ski

Лыжные гонки. Чего ждать от Тур де Ски

Heidi Weng

We offer to your attention the schedule, the overview of the phases and the main favorites of the prestigious race.

For the 11th time on open spaces of Europe will pass the best riders in the world. This year they will stop in three countries – Switzerland, Germany and Italy. For the victory in the overall classification, the athlete will receive 90 000 francs and 400 points.

Most of all Tour de Ski was won by Justyna Kowalczyk – four times. In addition she has won 14 victories on stages, and on the heels of her comes Petter Northug (13 wins). Norwegian boasts the highest number of podiums – 31, polka – 28, Therese Johaug and Marit bjoergen – 25.

But Stefanie Boiler – record holder for starts in this race. She sorevnovalas all the previous 10 times, and her best achievement was 11th place in 2015.

Ukrainians the most successful was Valentina Shevchenko. In 2008, she won the race by 9 km, a year earlier finished second in the pursuit (5+5 km) and was third in the overall standings, the bronze was awarded to her in 2009 in race on 10 km.


Saturday, December 31,

Sprint free style

Women 15:50

Men 17:15

Sunday, January 1

Mass start, classic

Men 10 km 14:00

Women 5 km 17:00

Tuesday, January 3


Women, 5+5 km 13:15

Men, 10+10 km 16:15

Wednesday, January 4


Women 10 km 12:30

Men 15 km 13:45

Friday, January 6

Free style

Men 10 km 11:45

Women 5 km 14:00

Saturday, January 7

Mass start, classic

Women 10 km 15:30

Men 15 km 16:30

Sunday, January 8

Free style

Women, 9 km 12:30

Men 9 km 16:30


Лыжные гонки. Чего ждать от Тур де Ски

The current route of the Tour de Ski starts in the tiny Swiss village of Val Müstair, which has hosted the elite race three times, but for the first time there will be two stages. By the way, hail from brothers Dario and Gianluca cologna. According to the weather forecast, snow and frost enough for racing skiers.

Лыжные гонки. Чего ждать от Тур де Ски

Лыжные гонки. Чего ждать от Тур де Ски

Oberstorf from lack of attention does not suffer. Yesterday there only the first stage of the Tour of four jumps, and already the third of January, fans will gather for ski racing. The organizers know very well how to hold an audience and at the time of the races invited the ensemble. And to comment on all the events will be the winner of the first Tour de Ski Tobias Angerer.

Лыжные гонки. Чего ждать от Тур де Ски

Italian Toblach this year cheated and delegated just one step. From the road offers gorgeous views of the Dolomites.

Лыжные гонки. Чего ждать от Тур де Ски

Traditionally the curtain of the race will move to Val di Fiemme. While the organizers of news about the snow is not happy, but argue that there is enough artificial, and the track is ready since Christmas. The organizers have planned entertainment programs, erecting the tent, where will be DJs and music groups.

Лыжные гонки. Чего ждать от Тур де Ски



The 1.44 – Heidi Weng

Despite the doping disqualification of Therese Johaug and Marit bjoergen, which is prepared exclusively for the world Cup, Norway won’t feel any impact. They have a worthy replacement – Heidi Weng. She first won the world Cup two weeks ago, and the form it is now fantastic.

4,5 – Ingvill Flugstad Ostberg

At the same lift and Ostberg, which celebrated its debut win in early December in Davos. Now she is in second place in the overall standings, behind Weng only 33 points.

The 6.5 – Krista Pharmacoki

The bookies do not agree that problemsa Charlotte Kalla will be able to break into the top three, therefore gave the preference to No. 3 in the overall standings Finke Pharmacoki.


1,57 – Martin Jonsrud Sundby

Last year the Norwegian won the Tour de Ski by the largest margin in history – 3.15,7. Also then he won four stages, becoming the first skier, who was subjected to such an achievement. Sundby and now looks absolutely invincible. This year he won all of his starts.

The 7.5 – Finn Haagen Krogh

Always second for Sundby, Finn Haagen Krogh, yet can only dream about winning the Tour de Ski, but the nerves teammate and overall leader to pull can.

9 – Sergei Ustyugov

Universal from Russia a year ago made his debut in this race and immediately jumped into the top 3. A clear leader of the team managed to taste the taste of victory at the world Cup this year. Have to take the rap for everyone, because such blocks of skis as Alexander Legkov, Evgeniy Belov, Maxim Vylegzhanin and suspended by the IOC because of the machinations of the doping tests at the Olympics in Sochi.

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