Crows remember those who are deceiving them – scientists

Вороны помнят тех, кто их обманывает – ученые


Crows a few months remember who cheated them.

Crows remember them deceived people for a few months, found researchers from Austria and Sweden. The study is published in the journal Animal Behavior.

In the experiment, researchers taught crows to exchange one food for another, more delicious. Each of the seven birds received a piece of bread, instead of which she was then offered a slice of cheese. However, instead of an honest exchange of some of the experimenters just took the bird the bread, without giving anything in return. All this happened in front of other crows.

Two days later, the crows began to abandon the exchange with people who before they have been cheated. At the same time, those crows that just watched as the man cheating on the bird, they continued to interact with this person. Two months later, only one bird has agreed to return with someone who previously cheated.

Crows can make tools for obtaining food

We will remind, earlier researchers found that members of the genus ravens are not inferior in intelligence to the apes.

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