CSKA – Arsenal 1:0. Online return match

ЦСКА – Арсенал 1:0. Онлайн ответного матча

The second match in the 1/4 finals of the Europa League eating CSKA Moscow and Arsenal on Thursday, April 12. Online stream match will be available on the Reporter there.

Thursday, April 12, the Russian CSKA will take on the stadium “VEB-arena” English Arsenal. The match will start at 22:05 local time. Follow the game is the German team of referees headed by Felix Zviera.

Betting company Favorit Sport is the favorite of the series sees London team. On an Arsenal win betting odds of 2.23. On a CSKA victory and 3.1 for a draw – 3,65.

Online broadcast of the match CSKA- Arsenal Корреспондент.net:


CSKA woke the game closer to the end of the half, scored a goal, and keeps the intrigue in our match.


45. CSKA even ends the half bulk, but Arsenal bounces. Pressed CSKA guests seriously, but to blow the case comes.

44. Bistrovich dangerous sweep Musa and nigiriets fell in the penalty area. The referee violations have not seen.

43. Bistrovich shot after a corner – too wide.

40. Emboldened the army. For vitinho has.

38. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! Now that’s interesting! CSKA scored! Kudaev filed, someone from the army struck head – Cech dragged, but the first on the rebound was Chalov! 1:0! Still need to score two!

37. Menyat for vitinho, Dzagoev.

35. From Golovin was a dangerous approach to the goal, but the midfielder was caught in his own tricks.

34. But this is dangerous, Welbeck was running away from the age the protection of the owners, drove the ball to Ramsey, but the pass before got.

31. In Dzagoev apparently trauma, need to be replaced.

27. Dangerous attack of the guests! Aleksei Berezutski’s sliding tackle turned into a corner kick Lacazette!

23. A game without a spark. Only fans of CSKA sing beautifully.

18. Boring game. CSKA has nothing dangerous to create does not work, at Arsenal there is no special desire, they are satisfied.

14. Londoners for a few minutes did not give the ball to the opponent, but nothing interesting out of this hold is removed.

12. Arsenal for the first time moved into a positional attack.

10. Feed into the penalty CSKA, nor to no avail.

8. While the events on the field are developing something like: Musa runs into the penalty area, the partner sees it and rolls the ball, the Arsenal players interrupt a pass.

4. CSKA in the beginning of the match trying to pump through Huck Musa.

2. It will have to do without the main striking force of Wernbloom, he has a rib injury.

1. Well, CSKA will try to extend the tradition of comebacks this week.




Akinfeev, Berezutski, Ignashevich, Nababkin, Berezutsky, Dzagoev, Kuchaev, Bistrovic, Golovin, Chalov, Musa.


Czech, Mustafi, Monreal, Bellerin, Koscielny, Ramsey, El Nenni, Wilshire, Ozil, Lacazette, Welbeck.

The first quarterfinal match of the team was played on 5 April in London. The home team has caused the club serious Russian defeat. Two players Arsenal issued a double in gate of CSKA.

Opened the scoring with Aaron Ramsey on the 9th minute, and repeated for goal 28, and the second take was recorded at his own expense Alexander Lacazette, filling out with 11-meter. All goals CSKA missed in the first half, losing 4:1.

After the defeat against Arsenal in the domestic League, CSKA closes the three leaders, thus losing in the last round – 1:2 Dynamo Moscow

Arsenal within the Premier League have rebounded with three wins after three defeats. In the 33 round of the English Premier League club defeated Southampton 3:2.

Minutes of the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Europa League Arsenal – CSKA on April 5 Корреспондент.net

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