Cuckoo: After a match I almost couldn’t sleep that night

Зозуля: После матча я почти всю ночь не спал

Roman Zozulya

Roman Zozulya commented on the events that occurred after the match of the Dnieper river at Dawn

“After yesterday’s match I almost couldn’t sleep that night, trying to find an explanation for their behaviour after the final whistle. First of all, I want to apologize to teammates for the fact that in the first match booked, which is not allowed to help them in the return game against Dawn. I confess that to be in the game and watch it from the stands is completely different, disparate things. In the game experiencing all the events much easier and vzveshennoe. In the stands, all is perceived much sharper, and I want to note that now fully understand all the Ukrainian fans who support their teams in the stands, and understand, what emotions they are experiencing. There as close to the heat of passion, when, in the foreground, the sick, and then cold reason.

Now I repent that did not remain in the sector with the Dnepropetrovsk fans before the final whistle. I’m sure if this happened, no incident would have happened. And so, in the very wound I was at the field, and emotions from the disappointment with the result, which was to extinguish in himself, came out. Very sorry that we failed to hold them back. Regret it and once again I apologize for my behavior every fan who saw this incident.

I’m sorry that my uncontrolled emotions was perceived as the use of physical force against the arbitrators. Yes, in the corridor that led to podtribunnogo room, I made a foot movement, which can be interpreted as the strike, and I also are sincerely very sorry. After the game, I personally apologized to the panel of judges.

I am not an expert who can evaluate the actions of the referees during the game. Let it be spoken by those who are competent. But in recent years (and these are the words of most experts) that Dnipro was the team that more than any other in Ukraine suffered a controversial refereeing decisions. Arbitration has become a sensitive issue within the team. But with all this, realize that the cause of lesions need to look primarily at their own game, and not in judges ‘ decisions. And especially to influence judges one way or another. So once again I apologize and Anatoly Abdul and his assistants for their aggressive behavior.

Understand that for all their misdeeds need to be punished. I’m ready for this. But I can promise that this situation will become for me a serious lesson. Reviewing the post-match television footage, I can assure all Ukrainian fans that this Roman Zozulya more no one will ever see. Sports aggression needs to be on the football field and stay there, but it may not be physical and angry.

Now experiencing a huge desire to be rehabilitated in the eyes of the whole football public of the country. Believe me, if I have the opportunity, in the coming matches for the club and for the national team of Ukraine will do everything to make the fans as soon as possible forget about this unpleasant story,” said Zozulya.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that dawn defeated Dnipro with the score 2:0 and reached the final of the Ukrainian Cup. After the final whistle Roman Zozulya hit the referee of the match and then began a scuffle between the players.

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