Currency exchange rate on 16 Dec: the Hryvnia strengthened

Курс валют на 16 декабря: Гривна укрепилась

NBU on 16 December has strengthened the hryvnia

The NBU has strengthened the hryvnia exchange rate of hryvnia to 26.30.

The national Bank of Ukraine on December 16, 2016 has strengthened the hryvnia to 26.30 per dollar, according to the website of the NBU.

The official exchange rates set at the following level: 2629,8510 hryvnia for $ 100 (-0,8906); 2740,0418 hryvnia for 100 euros (-60,1196); 4,2667 hryvnia for 10 rubles (-0,0596).

While trading on the interbank foreign exchange market on 15 December closed with a decline of the dollar – to 26.30-is 26.37 UAH. So, in buying and in selling the dollar fell to 1 COP.

The Euro fell to 27,42-27,50 UAH. In buying the Euro fell by 58 kopecks., and – 57 COP.

The Russian ruble fell slightly – 0,424-0,425 UAH.