Currency exchange rate on 17 may: the Euro is expensive

Курс валют на 17 мая: евро дорожает

The hryvnia 17.05.2017

The Euro rose 18 cents, whereas the dollar fell by 3 kopecks.

The national Bank of Ukraine on 17 may 2017 compared to the previous day Bank has strengthened the hryvnia to 26.43 per dollar.

The official exchange rates set at 17.05.2017:

  • 2643,3401 hryvnia for $ 100 (-3,8546);
  • 2923,2698 hryvnia for 100 euros (+18,7678);
  • 4,6984 hryvnia for 10 rubles (+0,0152).

Trading on the interbank market on may 15 closed with the rise of the dollar to 26.44-of 26.46 UAH. Compared to the closing rate of the interbank market of the previous day, the dollar and buying and selling fell by 2 kopecks.

Eurocurrency in the buying and selling rose by 13 kopecks and now is of 29.03-29,05 UAH.

The Russian ruble also rose slightly on buying and selling – to 0,468-0,469 UAH.