Curve: the Gold medal showed me that nothing is impossible

Кривая: Золотые медали показали мне, что нет ничего невозможного

The leader of the national team of Ukraine Ekaterina Curve said on the preparations for the world games.

Thursday, July 20, in the Polish city of Wroclaw will start X world games. About 4,500 athletes from 111 countries will compete for medals in 36 sports disciplines which were not represented at the Olympic games in Rio last summer.

Ukraine will be represented by 80 athletes in 20 sports. Among them karate, which we’ll see at the Olympics in Tokyo. In this sport the main hopes are connected with the leader of the national team Ekaterina Curve, which is in may at the European Championships won two gold medals and was recognized as the national Olympic Committee of Ukraine as the best athlete of the month.

Before the start of the World games talked to Catherine about her preparation for the competition, as well as goals for the tournament.

– How there took place preparation for the world games? How long was resting after the European Championships?

– Preparation for the world games took place in three stages. The first step is a purely physical training, which took place in the Carpathians, Tysovets. The second phase took place in the city of Chernomorsk with the team of Ukraine. The third stage is exclusively individual training with my coach immediately prior to departure for the Games.

After the European championship stay lasted two weeks, but just to relax failed, as all thoughts were focused on the future important to me start.

– How much internal confidence affected performance in the championship of Europe? And did?

– The result of my speech really affected my self-esteem. Two gold medals that I won, showed me that nothing is impossible. I think the main thing for an athlete is the belief in your dreams and complete dedication in training.

– Have You studied the potential rivals of the World games? Who do you consider the most dangerous for yourself?

– Yes, of course. With the coach did views last duels opponents. In my category at the World Games collected the top athletes and each of them will be a serious competitor on the Mat. I want to highlight the Frenchwoman to Alexander River, Turkey – Serap Otselic, Austria – Bati Plan and Japan Miro Mahara.

Кривая: Золотые медали показали мне, что нет ничего невозможного

– What is the goal for myself to put in the World games?

It is important to me to show the maximum result, why don’t you make plans in advance.

You’re a children’s coach. Any parting words you usually say to your students?

Always wish you success and say they will keep a good thought for me, and when I’m in a competition, they write that we miss and love. For me this is the best motivation.

– Are You planning to visit some places in Wroclaw or all thoughts only about the performance?

– First and foremost, all my thoughts about the performance, and after competitions we hold a cultural program, I especially want to see the historical center of the city.

The Vitaly and Volodko,

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