Customs officers confiscated phones 21.5 million hryvnias

Таможенники конфисковали телефонов на 21,5 млн гривен

The phones did not reach the Dnieper

More than a thousand phones were hidden in bags with sodium chloride.

To Ukraine from Lithuania attempted to smuggle mobile phones for the sum of 21.5 million hryvnias. This was reported on the official website of the State fiscal service.

As noted, employees of GFS revealed the fact of illegal import of mobile phones through the checkpoint Krakovets in the Lviv region.

The attackers tried to smuggle across the state border of more than 1100 mobile phone worth 21.5 million hryvnias, and also accessories.

“The volume of evasion of customs duties is around 7 million. The cargo was heading from Lithuania to str. Mobile phones were hidden from customs control in bags with sodium chloride. Now measures are being taken to document the violation of customs legislation and study materials for the determination of signs of a crime under article 212 of the Criminal code of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

Recall that in the Black sea, detained the barge with millions of packs of smuggled cigarettes.