Customs officers in the paint found eight gold bars

Таможенники в банке с краской обнаружили восемь слитков золота

Lviv customs officers found 8 gold ingots in the paint

The total value of all ingots – 1,8 million hryvnias. This package was meant for the citizen of Ukraine.

In the Lviv oblast customs officers together with employees of SBU found in post 8 of gold bullion. Total cost is 1.8 million. According to the State fiscal service on their official page in Facebook.

“Workers control of counteraction to customs offences and international cooperation of Lviv customs office of the SFS, together with employees of SBU in the Lvov area in the customs control zone of a customs post Lviv-Mail when leaving international postage found 8 gold ingots”, – stated in the message.

The package went from the UK to the address of the citizen of Ukraine.

“Eight ingots of banking metals yellow in color were found among the declared things in the tank with paint. Total gross weight of goods detected 1.64 kg an estimated value of 1.8 million hryvnia,” – said in the GFS.

Now on this fact is documented by a violation of customs rules behind signs of offense under the article “Movement or actions aimed at movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine with concealment from customs control”.

Earlier in Kiev in sending the documents found 205 diamonds.

A resident of the Dnieper sent himself the package to Rob the mail car

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