Cyberpolice gave new advice on protection against Petya

Киберполиция дала новые советы по защите от Petya

Cyberpolice encourages users to disable automatic updates M.E.Doc and do not listen to the advice of the developers.

The postal and telecommunications recommends in any case do not adhere to the advice from software vendors M.E.Doc. This is stated in the message of Department of postal and telecommunications NEC.

“The developers assure complete security of your product, explain that it’s features and for proper functioning still recommend to run only as an administrator of the system and make it to the list of “exceptions” (also known as “white list”, “list of trusted programs”, etc.) antivirus programs that allow the computer to ignore the individual steps of this software,” – noted in police.

According to police, the Internet recorded facts of distribution of the recommendations for configuring a firewall and antivirus that make system protect the user’s computer to ignore any suspicious activity or code in the national accounting software.

These recommendations subject to certain partners of software companies accounting software, and software companies via technical support, the statement said.

“In the case of implementation of these recommendations, the user will unconsciously prohibit computer system protection correctly and respond to harmful activities of the software included in the “list of exceptions”. Following these recommendations, the user opens the cyber criminals access to your computer through the software to bypass the protection system, endangering not only your own computer, but all local network” – say the police.

Users recommend disabling automatic updates and manually update the software, during which additional to check on authoritative resources is designed to analyze suspicious files.

M.E.doc announced the resumption of work

Recall that the global hacker attack virus-the extortioner Petya 27 Jun struck IT systems of the companies of Ukraine and some other countries, mostly affecting the Ukraine. The attack targeted the computers of the oil, banking, energy, telecommunications, pharmaceutical companies, the websites of government agencies. 1 July, the SBU said that it had established the involvement of Russian security services to attack the virus.

On 4 July the Department of postal and telecommunications, together with experts of SBU and Prosecutor’s office of Kyiv has stopped the second stage of a cyber attack Petya.

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