Cyberpolice on social networking blocked more than 500 so-called “groups of death” and over 200 of their supervisors

Киберполиция в социальных сетях заблокировала более 500 так называемых "групп смерти" и свыше 200 их кураторов

Police have blocked more than 500 so-called “groups of death” and over 200 of their supervisors in the social networks. On this day, 1 March, said at a briefing in Kiev’s Central Directorate of police, which was dedicated to keeping Teens safe on the Internet, reports GU of national police in the city of Kiev.

“We already blocked more than 500 suicidal groups and over 200 accounts of organizers and curators. Now working hard to identify and bring to justice”, – is told in the message

It was also noted that overall daily postal and telecommunications receives about 70 complaints about missing children, of which 15-20% are confirmed their participation in the so-called “groups of death”.

It was reported that the postal and telecommunications sometimes, the documentation of such groups, the result comes out to activists of public organizations, which are thus trying to warn children about the consequences of staying in these groups.

The representative of the President of Ukraine for children’s rights Mykola Kuleba said at a briefing that in the recent years is observed in Ukraine, the rise of child suicide.

“This suggests that children do not get enough attention from their parents. Moreover – a third of children live below the poverty line, many suffer from various kinds of bullying. These factors contribute to the fact that teenagers fall into the Internet trap, and are influenced by manipulators who have a good psychological knowledge. My main message of today: parents should do everything possible to help children grow and develop in a happy atmosphere, because they are directly responsible for their children,” – said Kuleba.

We will remind, today it was reported that scammers use the “group of death” to get access to Bank cards.

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Earlier, the Ukrainian postal and telecommunications on the basis of the analysis of “groups of death” in social networks has installed permanent members who have registered from the territory of Ukraine. It is reported that only one discovered by police “groups of death” were 209 registered users from Ukraine.

As you know, the symbol of the “groups of death”, as a rule, there are flying whales. They are called the “Sea of whales”, “Quiet house”. Their supporters also portray the flying whales on the personal pages. Administrators group, involving adolescents in quests, games with mutilation, them down to suicide, a prerequisite of which is to fix the moment of death on video.

The Department of postal and telecommunications advice to parents how to prevent children in such groups.

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