Cyberpolice: the Vulnerability in a sandboxed CCleaner

Киберполиция: Уязвимость в программе CCleaner обезврежена

The developer has released an update for the safety of their products.

The developer of the popular program CCleaner (5.34) and CCleaner Cloud (v1.07.3214) has released a security update for its products that do not contain malicious software (malware) Floxif found in 32-bit CCleaner and CCleaner 5.33.6162 Cloud 1.07.3191. About it reports Department of police of National police of Ukraine on his page in Facebook.

“Floxif Malware was collecting information from compromised systems and had the opportunity to load additional malicious code in the system. Users of CCleaner is strongly recommend you immediately apply the above update from the developer” – added in the national police.

Recall, 16 September, Police reported that one of the updates that CCleaner created to assist users in the implementation of planned maintenance of their systems infected with a virus.