Daewoo launched the first Korean submarine

Daewoo спустила на воду первую корейскую подлодку

Daewoo built a submarine for the Navy of South Korea

One of the advantages of diesel-electric submarine is the almost complete silence of the submerged.

In South Korea company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering has launched the first diesel-electric submarine with anaerobic propulsion plant, according to Defense Aerospace 14 September.

Soon the submarine to be fully designed in South Korea, will start trials in December 2020, it will give the Navy. In 2022 the submarine is planned to adopt.

One of the advantages of diesel-electric submarine is the almost complete silence of the submerged.

The battery pitiusa batteries, comes from diesel generators on the surface or at depth, with which it is possible to put a snorkel, a special pipe through which air is supplied to the generators.

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Disadvantages of this type of submarine is a relatively small time that the ship can remain under water three weeks at best. From nuclear submarines, the average is 60-90 days. After this time the submarine will have to surface and run diesel generators.

Anaerobic energy unit for work that doesn’t need outside air, allows non-nuclear submarine to stay submerged for much longer.

The displacement of the new ship is three thousand tons with a length and width 83,3 9,6 meters. The submarine is equipped with six vertical launchers for launching ballistic missiles with non-nuclear warheads, according to N+1.

The crew of the ship consists of 50 people. According to the developers, thanks to the anaerobic energy installation, the details of which were not disclosed, the ship can stay under water for up to 20 days. The range of the submarine is about ten thousand nautical miles (about 18.5 thousand kilometers).

In March, the United States adopted, adopted a new nuclear submarine USS Colorado of the Virginia class.

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering is one of the largest economic and financial groups in South Korea Daewoo, which also produces cars and household appliances.

Ranked fourth in the ranking of the world’s largest shipbuilding companies. Part of the “Big three” shipbuilders of South Korea together with Hyundai and Samsung.

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